The cat that no-one wants ...

Kozal SUS-170910-110148001
Kozal SUS-170910-110148001

At 16-years-old and suffering with arthritis, ginger puss Kozal should be enjoying his twilight years in the comfort of a loving home of his own.

Instead, the lovable ginger moggy has spent six months at Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, where he is passed by time and time again by prospective owners.

Staff at the centre, in Lewes Road, Chelwood Gate, have now launched a major appeal to find a new owner for Kozal.

Centre manager Karen Thompson said: “Kozal is a gorgeous, happy cat that would make a lovely addition to a home.

“Despite this, he is still at the centre after six months, during which time scores of other cats have been and gone.

“It seems that his age, and the fact that he has arthritis, has been putting people off giving him a home, which is such a shame. Apart from the arthritis, he is actually in great condition and shows no sign of having any other age-related conditions.

“His arthritis is managed very cheaply and easily with medication and would actually be much better managed if he had a home where he could get some more gentle exercise.”

Arthritis is common in cats and causes inflammation of joints which can lead to stiffness and reduced mobility, but experts say it can be effectively managed with medication available from vets, meaning cats like Kozal can continue to lead a full and happy life.

Karen added: “Kozal’s arthritis is a very straightforward condition to manage, and he is otherwise fitter than many other cats his age. What’s more, he’s got a lovely personality and is incredibly handsome. We just need that special person to walk through the door and fall for him.”

To find out more about offering a home to Kozal, contact the centre by emailing