Tribute to ‘absolute legend’ Jack

Chris 'Jack' Hewitt, former Hassocks FC captain
Chris 'Jack' Hewitt, former Hassocks FC captain

My ‘legend’ of a dad; Chris ‘Jack’ Hewitt. As a driven, proud, yet utterly bonkers man, he managed to impact the lives of anybody and everybody that came into his company with his strong, hilarious character.

My favourite quality always portrayed by him was his positivity – so during these difficult times, and for the foreseeable future, I urge you to just think, ‘what would Jack do?’.

Chris 'Jack' Hewitt was also a dedicated cyclist

Chris 'Jack' Hewitt was also a dedicated cyclist

My hero of a father passed away very recently, and despite ‘knowing’ how much he meant to many people, it is becoming more and more evident just how important he was within the community of Sussex.

His aspiration to reach 500 games with Hassocks football club was fulfilled towards the end of his long Hassocks career (as the captain of the 1st team for many years) playing for every level other than the ladies team (not that he would have turned it down if the offer was there!).

Anyone who knew him anticipated that this obviously did not mean the end of playing his favourite sport. Having previously played for Longleys, Three Bridges and Burgess Hill, he then moved on to the teams of Haywards Heath and Horsted Keynes.

My dad spoke so highly of his footballing days, and all of the people he met along the way. He made friends for life.

I will always admire his passion and dedication towards everything he set his mind to. His involvement with Sussex Revolution Velo Club was of great importance to him.

Not many people can tell you their 50 year old dad cycles up mountains for fun, goes on regular 100+ mile rides, and travels around Europe with his best friends biking around (after maybe one too many beers I have heard) but that was something my family and I were able to do, and we were all so proud of him.

A lot of his happiest times involved his bike and his progress with cycling, along with the people he met and the true friendships he made. He really has left us with a family of all the people he was close to.

If you were to stop anyone on the streets of Burgess Hill and ask them if they knew my dad, most would be able to say that they did (or knew of him!).

He achieved everything he desired and we all know he would have had no regrets in life due to his admirable nature of living in the moment.

My dad was an absolute legend, and everyone should strive to be a bit more like Chris ‘Jack’ Hewitt.