UK Power Networks recognise long standing staff members

From left, Peter Mace and Fred Wheatland. Picture By Nigel Bowles
From left, Peter Mace and Fred Wheatland. Picture By Nigel Bowles

Eight Sussex power workers have clocked up over three centuries of service between them.

Peter Mace, Fred Wheatland, Peter Massetti, Mark Burton, Hazel Windeatt, Trevor Carr, Mike Dunbar and Debra Churcher all joined the company in 1978.

They have all been honoured by their employer, UK Power Networks, at a special 40+ Club celebration for 40 years continuous service to the company.

This year 40 staff across the South East marked their 40th anniversary in the business and chief executive, Basil Scarsella, has presented them with an award, thanking them for their service.

Peter Mace, who is 63, from Burgess Hill, is a health and safety coach who joined the company as an adult trainee and worked his way up being a labourer, jointer’s mate, jointer, supervisor and calculating quotes for electricity work.

He said: “It’s great company to work for because they care for and look after their employees.

“What made the job for me was the company’s culture and the camaraderie with people I’ve worked with.”

In 1978 Fred Wheatland, who is 63, from Burgess Hill, an electricity substation inspector, took his wife’s tip by applying for a job at the same company where she worked.

He said: “The job involved anything from putting up street lights to maintenance and night patrols, making sure the streets lights were on at night and logging those that weren’t.”