Video: Schoolgirl, 14, hurt in ‘death trap’ road crash

A furious mum has hit out at a ‘death trap road’ after her daughter was involved in an accident with a car on her way home from school.

Holly Van der Merwe, 14, was left shaken and shocked after the collision in London Lane near its junction with Glebe Road, Cuckfield, on Monday last week.

She was on her way home from Warden Park School with two friends who screamed as Holly collided with a grey Vauxhall car.

The strap of Holly’s rucksuck was pulled beneath the vehicle.

Mum Wendy said later: “She was inches from rolling into the main London Lane with buses and juggernauts tearing along.”

She said the car driver had stopped briefly and asked Holly if she was alright, but drove off after Holly’s friends and another mum “had a massive go at him.”

Holly lives just a few minutes’ walk from her school but mum Wendy said: “Now I won’t let her walk to and from school.

“Coaches, buses and HGVs are always going along London Lane and the pavements just aren’t wide enough.

“You get kids and mums with pushchairs - it’s just an accident waiting to happen. It’s a death trap road.”

She said the shock of the accident had hit Holly hard.

“She was really upset and crying. It’s been a pretty traumatic time.”

Wendy said she was normally nearby when Holly came home from school, but on the day of the accident she had gone with Holly’s brother William, seven, to football.

She later reported the incident to police.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Police received a report of a collision between a car and a pedestrian which occurred in Glebe Road, Cuckfield, at about 3.20pm on Monday October 2.

“The victim, a 14-year-old local girl, had been crossing the road when the collision involving a silver Vauxhall Insignia occurred. She was left shaken but unhurt.”