Water supplies now ‘back on’

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People in Haywards Heath and Lindfield who were left without water today after a pipe burst have now had their supplies restored.

South East Water says that repairs have been completed “and all customers should now have had their supplies returned” - but some water may now appear discoloured.

Head of networks Jim MacIntyre said: “As water returns, some customers may find it is cloudy or discoloured. This is because a change in flow or pressure within the pipes can dislodge naturally-occurring deposits such as iron or manganese.

“In most cases, discoloured water is not harmful and can be cleared by running the cold kitchen tap at a steady flow until it clears.

“If the water does not clear after 20 minutes customers should contact us for further help.

“Unfortunately leaks and bursts do happen on our high pressure, extensive network of underground pipes which carry 521 million litres of water everyday through 9,000 miles of mains and more than six million joints.

“Sometimes those pipes and joints fail, but we do work around the clock to find and fix leaks and bursts.

“We know it’s difficult for customers to be without water and we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.”