Pets session might be repeated after success

Haywards Heath recently had a visit by the RSPCA mobile neutering service who came along to Barn Cottage Recreation Ground to carry out neutering operations on cats in the area whose owners were on a low income and were unable to afford to take their pets to a private vet .

Thursday, 29th August 2013, 1:14 pm
cat session

The idea was thought up by Ms Donna Evans, who lives in the Bentswood area and has spent many years arranging the neutering of cats and dogs, and fostering waifs and strays until such time they go on to Paws and Claws in Sayers Common. Although it has taken a while to put in order, it’s great to see the plan fulfilled.The RSPCA have been carrying out the neutering scheme in the South East for a number of years, and have aquired the skills to work in an adapted vehicle for the purpose. The procedure is done by keyhole surgery to minimise the risk of infection and to aid recovery time for the cat.

The event, which allows for a maximum of eight males and eight female cats to be operated on was oversubscribed. In response to the demand, Ms Evans said that she would certainly have no hesitation in organising a repeat session for the cats missed this time, although it may not be until October as the service is in such high demand and is booked up a long way ahead. The photograph is of Miss Georgina Jarrett with her cat “Maisey” after the operation was carried out. Ms Jarrett said she was delighted with the service and she hoped other owners would also consider having their cats ‘done’. Neutered cats/dogs not only prevent unwanted kittens/puppies being born, which adds to the thousands already in rescue shelters needing homes, it also has health benefits too. In addition, it may help to reduce aggressive behaviour of both cats and dogs. Written by Barbara Lank