Plumpton teen athlete safely home from gruelling charity trek

Jamie Lambert
Jamie Lambert

A gifted teen athlete has returned safely from a seven day 100km charity trek in Greenland.

Jamie Lambert, 15, from Plumpton, raised funds to hold the Parallel Youth Games, inspired by a six month debilitating hip injury he suffered last year.

Jamie said: “The Greenland trip started off very challenging, with steep terrain, temperatures down to -20C at night and sleep deprivation due to night time shifts for polar bear watch! It became easier, and the team managed 80km through the mountains, despite a couple of days stranded in tents by storms.”

He raised £3,288.87, enough to fund the event for disabled children at The Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill on June 10.

“Despite my frustration when I was injured, this period made me truly appreciate the challenges and difficulties that disabled teenagers must face when trying to involve themselves in sporting activities. I’m hoping to use this expedition to help them get doing what I love doing,” Jamie said.

Jamie started at Kulusuk before returning via a sea ice route. They travelled on skis and foot, hauling 50kg sledges.

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In June 2014 he was a gold medalist in the Junior Boys Hurdles at the County School Championships, before going on to qualify for the National English Schools Competition in July.