Police host hate crime support campaign


Sussex Police is supporting Hate Crime Awareness Week (October 10-17) this week.

The week looks to increase the reporting of this type of crime, highlight the options for reporting hate crime, challenge the prejudice and hostility that fuels hate crime, support victims, their families and communities and deal with perpetrators appropriately, whether that is through education or the criminal justice system.

Officers are tweeting the details of all reported hate crimes, hosting web chats and recruiting more Hate Crime Ambassadors to spread the word and challenge some of the myths around hate crime.

Sussex Police Hate Crime Sergeant Peter Allan said: “We want to spread the message, that if ‘We Stand Together’ we can turn the tide on the prejudice, hostility and ignorance that fuels hate crime.

“I am really excited about Hate Crime Awareness Week this year, as we aim to reach and engage with more people through our two live streamed web chats.

“We have some really excellent panellists ready to answer your questions. We will also be able to bring the affects of hate crime to life by sharing real experiences of victims. I want to thank them for not only the courage they showed by speaking to me, but by reporting the incident in the first place.

“I am also pleased to be able to share some of the work and thoughts from the 70 members of our communities who have signed up as Hate Crime Ambassadors.

A web chat will take place on Friday October 16 between 7.30pm and 9pm. Post questions and comments via the Sussex Police Facebook page, via Twitter by using the hashtag #HCAW15

Follow Hate Crime Awareness Week news on Twitter, using the hashtag #HCAW15.

Hate crime can be reported by calling 101 or 01273 470101.