Burgess Hill Town Council election results: Lib Dems secure majority

The Lib Dems have secured a majority at Burgess Hill Town Council after last week’s election.

Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 3:08 pm
Burgess Hill SUS-150625-132000001
Burgess Hill SUS-150625-132000001

The town council had previously been dominated by the Conservatives, who now only hold two seats.

The Lib Dems have 11 compared to four for the Greens with one independent.

Friday’s election results also saw the Lib Dems make inroads into the Conservatives’ massive majority at Mid Sussex District Council, with the Greens and independents also picking up seats.

Speaking after being elected as both a Town and District Councillor, Robert Eggleston, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Sussex said, “This has been a brilliant set of results for us and clearly demonstrates that the Liberal Democrats are the main opposition to the Tories in Mid Sussex. It is an excellent platform for the General Election, whenever it comes. Residents were telling us on the doorstep that they were ready for change in Mid Sussex. The Liberal Democrats are demonstrating that we are the party that can bring that change to the heart of Mid Sussex.”

Writing to the Middy, new Green councillors Paul Brown, Matthew Cornish, Robert Duggan, Anne Eves & Sylvia Neumann, said: “Many thanks to all who voted Green this time, some perhaps for the first time ever. You thereby catapulted four Greens into Burgess Hill Town Council and three into the District Council. This is the first time Greens have been elected to either so it’s a historic moment.

“Some of our Green success can be put down to the national situation. Much is also due to local disaffection with the outgoing council in Burgess Hill. And, we’d like to think, some of it is due to a little bit of the ‘David Attenborough effect’ or maybe even the ‘Greta Thunberg effect’: a growing awareness that we have to look after nature and the planet as well as repairing the potholes.

“We will do our very best to represent all residents to bring about positive change and restore pride in our area.”


DUNSTALL: Terry Barnes (Green) 267, Emma Coe-Gunnell White (Con) 300 ELECTED, Pamela Haigh (Lab) 126.

FRANKLANDS: Graham Allen (Lib Dem), 1,055 ELECTED, Gemma Bolton (Lab) 233, Richard Cherry (Con) 490, Robert Duggan (Green) 885 ELECTED, Janice Henwood (Lib Dem) 1,091 ELECTED, Andrew Landriani (Con) 515, Tobias Parker (Con) 535.

GATEHOUSE: Andrew Barrett-Miles (Con) 294 ELECTED, John Fernandez (Green) 230, Simon Hayward (Lab) 85.

HAMMONDS: Linda Greatorex (Lab) 38, Steven Hansford (Con) 100, Sarah Lawrence (Lib Dem) 209 ELECTED.

LEYLANDS: Tara Greatorex (Lab) 196, Diane Heckels (Con) 351, Simon Hicks (Lib Dem) 883 ELECTED, Elizabeth Kelly (Con) 363, Anne Eves (Green) 837 ELECTED, Pru Moore (Con) 434, Max Nielsen (Lib Dem) 730 ELECTED.

MEEDS: Elaine Bolton (Lab) 120, Joseph Foster (Lib Dem) 487 ELECTED, Tofojjul Hussain (Lib Dem) 444 ELECTED, Anne Jones (Con) 234, Adam White (Con) 215.

NORMAN: David Chalkley (Lab) 42, Sylvia Neumann (Green) 68 ELECTED, Elizabeth White (Con) 64.

ST ANDREWS: David Andrews (Lab) 376, Tony Balsdon (Lab) 400, Roger Cartwright (Lib Dem) 612 ELECTED, Christine Cherry (Con) 397, Matthew Cornish (Green) 679 ELECTED, Colin Holden (Con) 436, Raymond Smith (Con) 404, Kathleen Willis (Lib Dem) 588 ELECTED.

ST JOHNS: Robert Eggleston (Lib Dem) 271 ELECTED, Christopher French (UKIP) 47, Ian Greatorex (Lab) 61, Mustak Miah (Con 158.

VICTORIA: Peter Chapman (Ind) 706 ELECTED, Lee Gibbs (Lib Dem) 482 ELECTED, Richard Neville (Lab) 202, Christopher Thomas-Atkin (Con) 248, Mandy Thomas-Atkin (Con) 243.