Even the dormice would be catered for at this proposed Lindfield development

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Along with other endangered species, the resident dormice would be under threat were MSDC misguided enough to agree to the building by Croudace of 43 dwellings on land to the east of High Beech Lane, Lindfield.

Fear not little dormice; like Baldrick, Croudace have a cunning, official plan. You will be relocated and if you slip through the net you need to know that homeowners in this unwanted development will be required to ensure that any cat: 1. Wears a collar fitted with a bell; 2. Is not allowed out of the house at night or early morning; 3. Enjoys only restricted daytime sorties. Laugh, I nearly cried – in despair!

May I suggest that Croudace agents be fitted with a bell to warn all and sundry that they are on the prowl intent on finding greenfield sites for their houses regardless of any adverse impact on the community, ecology, infrastructure, amenities and dangerous road access.

David Edwards

Brook Lane,