Full and detailed results of West Sussex elections

After the May 2 votes were counted, the Conservatives retained control with UKIP becoming the main opposition party at County Hall.

Saturday, 4th May 2013, 2:44 pm
Election news.

The new constitution of the 71 member Council is: Conservatives 46 seats, UKIP 10, Liberal Democrats 8, Labour 6, with one Independent.

Before the elections the Conservatives had 47 seats, Liberal Democrats 18, Labour 3, Independent 2 and UKIP 1.

The first meeting of the new-look Council will be on Tuesday May 14 and it will be webcast via www.westsussex.gov.uk

The turnout was 29.96% compared to 38.72% in 2009 (which was combined with a European Election).

As the results show, UKIP is not only the main party of opposition, but it came a close second in many of the wards.

The Lib Dems saw their vote collapse costing them ten seats and the position of offical party of opposition, while Labour doubled its number of councillors from three to six, after a strong performance in Crawley.

West Sussex County Council Election of County Councillors - Results of Poll:


31.21% turnout

Mr J F Bennett Liberal Democrat 232

Mr J R Elwood Labour Party Candidate 228

Mrs D L Urquhart The Conservative Party 1100

Miss P L Wales UKIP 941


27.72% turnout

Mr A T Butcher Labour Party Candidate 387

Ms J Dunning UKIP 783

Mr N F Peters The Conservative Party 967

Mr N S Wiltshire Liberal Democrats 161


28.19% turnout

Mr S P Dendle Conservative Party 462

Mr S E McDougall Liberal Democrats 526

Mr R A Nash Labour Party Candidate 512

Mrs A M Rapnik UKIP 1044


22.46% turnout

Mr N L Aston UKIP 492

Mr A Khan Justice Party 40

Ms L R A Nelson Liberal Democrat 70

Mr C G Oxlade Labour Party Candidate 927

Mr D M Peck The Conservative Party Candidate 378


27.65% turnout

Mr D Duke UKIP 919

Mrs A J Jupp Conservative Party Candidate 1013

Ms G J Knight Liberal Democrats 228

Dr K T Maslin Labour Party Candidate 206


24.39% turnout

Mr D G Ambler UKIP 733

Mr J B Cosgrove Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate 351

Mr D Edwards Conservative Party 322

Mr F R J Oppler Liberal Democrats 7632


35.94% turnout

Mr R F Dawson Labour Party Candidate 186

Mr A Patel Conservative Party 1159

Mrs J A Taylor UKIP 968

Mr P C Wells Liberal Democrats 873


31.84% turnout

Mr J A Brown Liberal Democrat 360

Mr T A Child Labour Party Candidate 295

Mr T M E Dunn The Conservative Party Candidate 1158

Ms S James UKIP 1241


34.15% turnout

Mr D H Barling The Conservative Party Candidate 1322

Mr M B Grizaard UKIP 670

Mr A M Norridge Labour Party Candidate 288

Mrs J B T Sproxton-Miller Liberal Democrats 848


23.25% turnout

M D Bristow UKIP 476

Mr L R Gilroy The Conservative Party Candidate 494

Mr D R Isaacs Socialist Labour Party 42

Mr B J Quinn Labour Party Candidate 1084

Mr K D R Sunderland Liberal Democrat 51


23.70% turnout

Mr C M Avis UKIP 646

Mr A S Rice Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 601

Mr J M Turley Labour Party Candidate 369

Mr B W Turner The Conservative Party Candidate 734


34.98% turnout

Mr T Balsdon Labour Party Candidate 564

Mrs A F Jones The Conservative Party Candidate 1127

Mrs S Knight Liberal Democrat 601

Ms A C Miles-Eves Green Party 185

Mr K M Walker UKIP 847


30.573% turnout

Mr A J Barrett-Miles The Conservative Party Candidate 1016

Mr R E H Cartwright Liberal Democrat 576

Mr C M French UKIP 709

Ms V A Grimmett Green Party 91

Mrs J Smith Labour Party Candidate 384


24.38% turnout

Mrs A R Denny UKIP 648

Mr B Earnshaw-Mansell Labour Party Candidate 349

Mr S J Oakley The Conservative Party Candidate 894

Mr A R H Smith Liberal Democrat 663


31.94% turnout

Mr J C Hunt The Conservative Party Candidate 1431

Mr A J Illenden Liberal Democrat 464

Mr M A H Mason UKIP 675

Dr M Waite Labour Party Candidate 303


27.56% turnout

Mr J D Hobson Labour Party Candidate 348

Mr N Sitwell UKIP 672

Mrs E M Whitehead The Conservative Party Candidate 1024

Mr M Woolley Liberal Democrat 508


32.15% turnout

Mr J C Bennett Labour Party Candidate 326

Mr D Denny UKIP 716

Dr A Emerson PATRIA 26

Mrs M L Goldsmith The Conservative Party Candidate 1691

Mr J R Stevens Liberal Democrat 339


32.04% turnout

Mr A N Emery Green Party 143

Mr R Harper UKIP 1072

Mr J L Rogers The Conservative Party Candidate 1154

Miss A Saunders Labour Party Candidate 170

Mrs V M Taylor Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 213


33.034% turnout

Mr S W E Blanch Liberal Democrat 470

Mr P J J Bradbury The Conservative Party Candidate 1282

Mr M D Montgomery UKIP 585

Mrs S A Moss Labour Party Candidate 300


25.30% turnout

Mr M D Donin Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 351

Ms J K Guest Labour Party Candidate 258

Mrs P A Hall UKIP 946

Mrs N J Waight The Conservative Party Candidate 906


24.88% turnout

Ms J L Beckford Liberal Democrat 307

Mrs E A Bennett The Conservative Party Candidate 1006

Miss C W Edminson Green Party 111

Mr I K F Simcock UKIP 507

Mr A C Skudder Labour Party Candidate 163


27.48% turnout

Mr A R Armstrong UKIP 562

Mr D T Boot Labour Party Candidate 158

Mr H G Evans Liberal Democrat 461

Mr G A Hogman Green Party 188

Mr J J O’Brien The Conservative Party Candidate 1066


36.55% turnout

Mr P C Evans The Conservative Party Candidate 1804

Mr H E Miller Labour Party Candidate 527

Mr T J Richards Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 187

Mr P A Ruddock UKIP 1142


35.18% turnout

Mr G G Blampied Conservative Party 926

Mrs S E Daniells Independent 660

Mr G L Jones UKIP 989

Mr S B McConnell Labour Party Candidate 154

Mr D J Meagher Liberal Democrats 90


30.005% turnout

Mr M J Brown The Conservative Party Candidate 1350

Mr D D Martin-Jenkins Liberal Democrat 339

Mr A M Moncreiff UKIP 700

Mr J T Smith Labour Party Candidate 259


29.58% turnout

Mr G M Draper UKIP 907

Mr J B Mayes Labour Party Candidate 177

Mr J Robinson British National Party 57

Mr S C White Liberal Democrats 338

Mr D R Whittington Conservative Party 1176


31.26% turnout

Mr D Aherne Green Party 176

Mr R G Bater UKIP 898

Mr N F Campbell Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 189

Miss J M Haden Labour Party Candidate 225

Mr S G Waight The Conservative Party Candidate 1079


32.27% turnout

Mr G Collins Liberal Democrat 62

Mr I B M Dickson Green Party Candidate 106

Mrs S R Mullins Labour Party Candidate 1109

Mr K J Trussell The Conservative Party Candidate 720

Mr S M G Wade UK Independence Party 705


35.14% turnout

Mr K J Berggreen Liberal Democrats 635

Mr S J McCarthy Independent 113

Mr A P Petch The Conservative Party Candidate 1464

Ms V R Standfast Green Party 285

Ms L D Taylor Labour Party Candidate 383

Mr R Wylam UKIP 678


29.68% turnout

Mr C R Burrell UKIP 617

Mr A J de Mierre The Conservative Party Candidate 789

Mr R Goddard Labour Party Candidate 505

Mrs A B Hall Liberal Democrat 424


32.556% turnout

Mr R S Bates Liberal Democrat 589

Mr H R C Burrell UKIP 614

Mr G P Mountain Labour Party Candidate 495

Mr L S Wickremaratchi The Conservative Party Candidate 951


28.89% turnout

Mr L H Barnard The Conservative Party Candidate 1248

Mrs J C Miller Labour Party Candidate 204

Mr A G Purches Liberal Democrats 255

Mrs E M Wallace UKIP 723


30.42% turnout

Mr P C Catchpole Conservative Party Candidate 1237

Mrs S M Chapman Labour Party Candidate 273

Mr L J C Crosbie Liberal Democrats 487

Ms S Wilkins UKIP 678


34.21% turnout

Mrs C A Bridewell UKIP 537

Mr K J Bridgeman Conservative Party Candidate 679

Dr N P S Dennis Liberal Democrats 1225

Ms C Hayton Labour Party Candidate 321


32.78% turnout

Mr J J Duggan The Peace Party. Non-Violence Justice.

Environment 102

Mr D V Hide Labour Party Candidate 239

Mrs M E Millson Liberal Democrats 1053

Mr D Rands UKIP 620

Mr D L Scozzafava Conservative Party Candidate 683


29.24% turnout

Mr M Bridewell UKIP 537

Mr R E Chapman Labour Party Candidate 212

Mr D P Sheldon Liberal Democrats 721

Mr R W Vimpany Conservative Party Candidate 551


32.897% turnout

Mr M J Airey Green Party 285

Mr D P Chalkley Labour Party Candidate 209

Mr P A D Griffiths The Conservative Party Candidate 1275

Mr I Holt UKIP 487

Mr R T H Jackson Liberal Democrat 341


29.88% turnout

Mrs H A Brunsdon The Conservative Party Candidate 1065

Mr K J P Lindsay UKIP 799

Mr R Mainstone Liberal Democrat 599


29.66% turnout

Mr C J Cannings Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 115

Mr P A Graysmark UKIP 747

Ms H Mears Green Party 173

Mr P G Metcalfe The Conservative Party Candidate 823

Mr S S Zeglam Labour Party Candidate 433


29.83% turnout

Mr D C Bradley Labour Party Candidate 272

Miss L Carroll Green Party 117

Mr M J Glennon UKIP 1323

Mr S H Martin Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 243

Mrs A F Mills The Conservative Party Candidate 505


27.86% turnout

Mr P J J Brent UKIP 533

Mrs V S Cumper The Conservative Party Candidate 499

Mr K J R Osborne Liberal Democrat 77

Mrs B A Smith Labour Party Candidate 1558


35.11% turnout

Mr M R Amor Labour Party Candidate 245

Mr P E M Brown Green Party 500

Mrs C M Field The Conservative Party Candidate 1633

Mrs A Lucraft Liberal Democrat 281

Mrs L J Montgomery UKIP 662


32.138% turnout

Mr G R Holloway UKIP 772

Mrs C E MacDonald Labour Party Candidate 214

Mrs E L Neno Conservative Party Candidate 737

Dr J M M Walsh Liberal Democrats 1106


27.72% turnout

Mr D N Britton Conservative Party 348

Mr I J R Buckland Liberal Democrats 658

Mr D M Jones Independent 106

Mr G K O’Neill Labour Party Candidate 463

Mr W E Watkins UKIP 576


24.87% turnout

Mr R A Lanzer The Conservative Party Candidate 1165

Mr B Liles Green Party Candidate 104

Mr S Mizzi UKIP 462

Mr D W Morrison Liberal Democrat 79

Mr P C Smith Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate 506


31.54% turnout

Mr G M Cockburn Labour Party Candidate 268

Mrs H A Flynn Conservative Party 1099

Mr C D G Meagher Liberal democrats 121

Mrs J E Phillips UKIP 1181


31.12% turnout

Mr J L Cherry The Conservative Party Candidate 742

Mr R A Green Liberal Democrat 197

Ms M R Guest Independent 292

Ms P M Hayton UKIP 549

Mr G V McAra Independent 864

Ms F W Turner Labour Party Candidate 110


26.27% turnout

Mr P J Dufty Labour Party Candidate 211

Mr D J M Humphreys The Conservative Party Candidate 690

Mr M J Jelliss UKIP 530

Ms M A Muir Green Party 77

Mr R T Rogers Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 695


31.879% turnout

Mr D L Anderson Liberal Democrat 127

Mr R G Burgess The Conservative Party Candidate 894

Mr A T Gill UKIP 562

Mr P K Lamb Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate 1065


33.04% turnout

Mr G C Burt Liberal Democrats 203

Mr M W G Coleman Conservative Party Candidate 1058

Mrs P P Nash Labour Party Candidate 309

Mr A C Sutcliffe UKIP 1503


31.68% turnout

Mr J C A Batchelor UKIP 809

Mrs J E Duncton Conservative Party Candidate 1703

Ms K J Read Liberal Democrat 394

Mr P J Robinson Labour Party Candidate 201


30.29% turnout

Mr R D Burrett The Conservative Party Candidate 1493

Mr G E Knight Liberal Democrat 83

Mrs S Liles Green Party Candidate 113

Mr J Mac Canna UK Independence Party 545

Mr D J Shreeves Labour Party Candidate 413


32.74% turnout

Mrs P A C Arculus The Conservative Party Candidate 1380

Mr A Bignell Labour Party Candidate 159

Mrs R Deedman Liberal Democrats 175

Mr J R Wallace UKIP 1159

Mr T Williams Independent 286


29.97% turnout

Mr W J Hellawell Liberal Democrats 597

Mr G B Murrell Labour Party Candidate 244

Mr J G Rae Conservative Party Candidate 753

Mr M Rowlands UKIP 728


35.3010% turnout

Mr V S J Capon Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 295

Mr A J Dines Labour Party Candidate 340

Mrs J A Penn UKIP 1203

Mr G M Tyler The Conservative Party Candidate 1560


26.30% turnout

Mr M R Clark UKIP 769

Mr D J Devoy Labour Party Candidate 328

Mrs D G Martin Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 155

Mr D J Simmons The Conservative Party Candidate 697

Ms J E Tindall Green Party 266


29.88% turnout

Mr I Bell Labour Party Candidate 332

Mr R T V O’Brien The Conservative Party Candidate 1091

Mr B A Smith UKIP 1201


29.49% turnout

Mr C Burghard UKIP 507

Ms L M Finnigan Green Party 232

Mr J L Hilditch Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 142

Ms D M K Kennard The Conservative Party Candidate 1037

Ms I Reed Labour Party Candidate 321


28.88% turnout

Mr C R Albury The Conservative Party Candidate 773

Ms P W Izod Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 107

Mr A W Jones Labour Party Candidate 368

Mr L W Parsons UKIP 1144

Dr S A Williams Green Party 124


27.11% turnout

Dr H S Bloom The Conservative Party Candidate 655

Mr M G Jones Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate 774

Rev M D Liles Green Party Candidate 133

Mr D Matthews UK Independence Party 482

Mr A E Millson Liberal Democrat 57


30.3911% turnout

Mr S Aldridge UKIP 1094

Mrs J Little Labour Party Candidate 203

Mr P J Stainton Liberal Democrats 492

Mr B R A D Watson Conservative Party Candidate 1263


25.57% turnout

Mr D P Edey Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 160

Mrs J C Greig UKIP 611

Mr B Hall Labour Party Candidate 426

Ms M A Martin Green Party 105

Mrs J S Mockridge The Conservative Party Candidate 738


33.12% turnout

Mr G Croft-Smith UKIP 1252

Mr N G R Hopkinson Liberal Democrats 464

Mr F T Wilkinson The Conservative Party Candidate 1580


26.02% turnout

Mr M J Brown Labour Party Candidate 228

Mrs S W King UKIP 702

Mr S A McDonald The Conservative Party Candidate 593

Mr W R Morris Green Party 199

Mr R J Smytherman Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 851


29.81% turnout

Ms G Gardiner Liberal Democrat 150

Mr J A P Montyn The Conservative Party Candidate 1265

Mr P J O’Sullivan Labour Party Candidate 214

Mr R L Wilson UKIP 829


37.32% turnout

Mr D Crow The Conservative Party Candidate 1461

Mr D A Hardman Green Party Candidate 124

Capt G H Harper UKIP 544

Mr J Lovell Liberal Democrat 62

Mr C A Moffatt Labour Party Candidate 1054

Mr R W Symonds Independent 56


30.1512% turnout

Mr M P S Hodgson Conservative Party Candidate 1228

Mr I R Shepherd Liberal Democrats 331

Mr A G Stevens UKIP 673


29.10% turnout

Mr W E Acraman Conservative Party Candidate 1200

Mr N Dennis Liberal Democrat 168

Mrs V A Etherton UKIP 815

Mrs G M Maher Green Party 198

Mr A W Rew Labour Party Candidate 338


25.97% turnout

Mr M T Barrett Labour Party Candidate 443

Mrs C B Brown Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 540

Mr G I Lloyd UKIP 567

Mr R Oakley The Conservative Party Candidate 675


24.51% turnout

Mr P Barnes Labour Party Candidate 282

Mr M A Cloake The Conservative Party Candidate 660

Mr J E Doyle Green Party 514

Mrs H I Thorpe Liberal Democrats - for a greener Britain 340

Mr C M Woodward UKIP 475


26.63% turnout

Mr D A de Lacy Aherne Green Party 209

Mr P D High The Conservative Party Candidate 917

Mrs Y E Leonard Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain 217

Mr R A Setford UKIP 759

Ms A Wagstaff Labour Party Candidate 266