How the Brexit Party helped win the Conservative’s that majority vote

Brexit Party helped win it.

Thursday, 2nd January 2020, 3:37 pm

Congratulations to Boris Johnson and our newly elected MP Mims Davies for the Conservative Party’s huge majority. However they should remember that it was the Brexit Party that helped win them that majority.

Although the Brexit Party did not win a seat in the Commons last week, without them we would still have Mrs May and a second referendum with the continuation of a hung parliament. It was The Brexit Party that pressured the Tory Party to change itself fundamentally from a remain to a sort of a leave party.

The Tories have also been influenced by many of the Brexit Party’s policies, for example the Australian-type point system and reviewing HS2, the civil service and the BBC. Nigel Farage stood down 317 candidates including the splendid Mid Sussex candidate David Banks. The Brexit Party put country before party but sadly the Tories did not thank them or reciprocate. If the Tories had stood down in certain seats up north, where they stood no chance, there would have been more voices for a proper Brexit in Parliament.

Nigel was proved right all along that in the main his party took more votes off Labour than the Tories, and that standing down those candidates virtually pole-axed those undemocratic Liberals.

In Mid Sussex, even with the help of ‘Advance Together’ and their uncomplimentary leaflet, the Lib Dems’ Robert Eggleston could only manage to get less than half the votes compared to that of Mims Davies.

The downside of Boris’ majority is that he gets to choose the type of Brexit he wants. However Nigel said he would by far prefer to take half a loaf than have the horrors of a Corbyn / McDonnell Government with a second referendum with 16-year-olds and EU nationals taking part in a choice between remain or a form of remain. I wonder whether Boris will go with a Canada plus plus style deal with no close alignment that he promised?

Tim Cooper

Cox Grove,

Burgess Hill