If chief executive’s payment was above board, why the lack of scrutiny?


If, as was stated in The Middy, August 8, 2019, the report written by WSCC director of human resources, Heather Daley, regarding the one-off payment to chief executive Nathan Elvery, was only published after freedom of information requests by The Middy, the public and the BBC, why was this action necessary if everything was above board?

As James Walsh, Lib Dem group leader stated, ‘the whole saga has been a tale of lack of transparency and half truths’.

If this is so, those responsible for any attempt to suppress such information from the taxpayers, many of whom are OAPs existing on the woefully inadequate basic state pension and less, should be acquainted with this advice by Robert Burns: “Here’s freedom to them that wad read, here’s freedom to them that wad write, there’s nane ever fear’d that the truth should be heard. But they whom the truth would indite.”

As is clearly implied by Rabbie, if you have nothing to conceal, scrutiny by whosoever will not concern you.

Tempus omnia revelat.

Roger Heath

Western Road,