Lib Dems pick up Burgess Hill seats in West Sussex County Council election

The Lib Dems made it a clean sweep of Burgess Hill seats at this week’s West Sussex County Council election.

Monday, 17th May 2021, 9:43 am
Lib Dem county councillors Kirsty Lord, Stuart Condie and Richard Cherry

Going into the election Kirsty Lord was defending the county’s most marginal division having won Hassocks and Burgess Hill South by just 20 votes in 2017.

But this time around she polled more than 1,600 votes more than the Conservative challenger.

She will be joined at County Hall by fellow Lib Dems Stuart Condie and Richard Cherry, who won Burgess Hill North and Burgess Hill East respectively.

Ms Lord said: “It’s such an honour to be the county councillor for Hassocks and Burgess Hill South. After the narrowest of wins in 2017, I don’t take residents’ votes for granted and, while I’m overwhelmed by the faith they’ve shown in me, I plan to carry on listening to them, communicating with them and achieving improvements for our area on their behalf.”

Mr Cherry added: “I feel overwhelmed that so many people in my Burgess Hill neighbourhood have given me their vote. I am both honoured and humbled by the trust they have put in me to be their new County Councillor.

“Whether residents voted for me or not, however, my duty is clear; to serve them to the very best of my ability and make Burgess Hill a better place in which to live. My strategy for this is simple and clear: to listen to what residents have to say and fight for the best outcomes for them, our community and our town.”

Mr Condie added: “It will be a privilege to represent the people of Burgess Hill North at West Sussex County Council for the next four years. As the Northern Arc is built, I promise to listen to my fellow residents and act promptly and efficiently in their best interests.”

Pete Bradbury, Sujan Wickremaratchi and Garry Wall

Elsewhere in Mid Sussex the Conservatives held on to the rest of their seats, apart from Imberdown - East Grinstead where independent Ian Gibson was elected.

New Conservative councillors include Bruce Forbes in Worth Forest and Garry Wall in Lindfield and High Weald, both familiar faces having previously been Mid Sussex district councillors.

In fact Mr Forbes will return to MSDC, having won a by-election in Copthorne and Worth.

Other Tory county councillors, who were re-elected are: Liz Bennett (East Grinstead - Meridian), Pete Bradbury (Cuckfield and Lucastes), Joy Dennis (Hurstpierpoint and Bolney), Stephen Hillier (Haywards Heath East), Jacquie Russell (East Grinstead South and Ashurst Wood) and Sujan Wickremaratchi (Haywards Heath Town).

Joy Dennis, with district councillor Samantha Smith and MP Mims Davies

Mr Wall said: “I’m proud to be elected to the County Council and look forward to working with Councillors and residents on the challenges we face. Lindfield and High Weald is such a beautiful and unique part of our county and I will do everything I can to represent it effectively.”

Mr Wickremaratchi said: “Thank you to Haywards Heath residents for trusting me to represent them at WSCC. It’s an honour to be able to continue to serve the town’s residents.”

Ms Dennis added: “I am thrilled to be re-elected, and so pleased that the residents of my division recognised they had a listening, caring and competent Councillor who has and will continue to support local residents and West Sussex in a professional manner”.

Mr Hillier added: “I’m hugely grateful to allof those residents who came out to vote, many of them appreciative of my work over the years. I aim to repay their trust and the honour of representing them with more hard work and getting some exciting projects that are in gestation over the line to continue making the place somewhere our community can be proud of.”


Burgess Hill East: CHERRY Richard J (Lib Dem) 1726 ELECTED, GIBBS Terence C (Reform UK) 93, JEX Sue (Lab) 386, JONES Anne F (Cons) 1478, PEARCE Ann D (Green) 327.

Burgess Hill North: BARRETT-MILES Andrew J (Cons) 1354, CONDIE Stuart J (Lib Dem) 1448 ELECTED, FOSTER B (Green) 398, HAIGH Pam (Lab) 342.

Cuckfield and Lucastes: BRADBURY Pete (Cons) 1740 ELECTED, KENNY Paul R (Lab) 586, MURRAY Allan S (Green) 548, RAP Richard J (Reform UK) 144, REES Alison C (Lib Dem) 759.

East Grinstead Meridian: BENNETT Liz (Cons) 1532 ELECTED, LANE Andrew H (Lib Dem) 350, LANGRIDGE Alexandra J (Green) 276, MOCKFORD Norman FW (Indep) 357, WILBRAHAM David L (Labour) 300.

East Grinstead South and Ashurst Wood: BUONOCORE Laura (Green) 389, CLARK Amanda J (Lib Dem) 806, MACQUIRE Dave (Reform UK) 92, PRITCHARD Stephen (Lab) 292, RUSSELL Jacquie (Cons) 1699 ELECTED.

Hassocks and Burgess Hill South: BURNS Fred (Lab) 551, LORD Kirsty (Lib Dem) 2818 ELECTED, SIMMONS Alexander M (Con) 1184.

Haywards Heath East: HILLIER Stephen R (Cons) 1493 ELECTED, NICHOLSON Deanna W (Green) 457, SMITH George E (Lib Dem) 468, WHITING Richard J (Lab) 623

Haywards Heath Town: INGLESFIELD Stephanie J (Lib Dem) 1257, LEA Jonathan M (Democratic Network) 90, MILLER Michael J (Green) 365, MOUNTAIN Gregory P (Lab) 553, WICKREMARATCHI Sujan (Cons) 1375 ELECTED.

Hurstpierpoint and Bolney: DEARDEN Nick (Green) 534, DENNIS Joy A (Cons) 1774 ELECTED, JACKSON Fiona (Lib Dem) 1482, VON THUNDERCLAP Baron (Official Monster Raving Loony Party) 122, WHELAN Alison D (Lab) 418.

Imberdown (East Grinstead): EVERETT Daniel J (Labour) 316, GIBSON Ian P (Indep) 1843 ELECTED, NOLDART Barry M (For Britain Movement) 25, WEBSTER Norman L (Cons) 1286.

Lindfield and High Weald: COOKE Anne-Marie (Lib Dem) 1393, WALL Garry H (Cons) 2016 ELECTED, WEEKES Tim (Lab) 403, WOOLLEY David M (Green) 779.

Worth Forest: EDWARDS Jenny (Green Party) 798, FORBES Bruce W (Cons) 2082 ELECTED, MOORHOUSE Dominic J (Reform UK) 83, STEGGLES Carole A (Indep) 292, WOOD Cavan (Lib Dem) 363.