Mid Sussex Labour: We are determined to break up status quo in district

We are Dean Finch, online retail worker, and Tara Greatorex, midwife, two of the 29 Labour candidates standing for election in Mid Sussex.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:18 pm
Labour candidates Dean Finch and Tara Greatorex in Mid Sussex District Council elections
Labour candidates Dean Finch and Tara Greatorex in Mid Sussex District Council elections

We grew up locally and are standing for election in Ashenground (Haywards Heath) and Leylands (Burgess Hill) wards respectively.

In our work and daily lives we see the need for our Tory-led Council to be held to account. We look forward to the chance to be involved in local politics and making a real difference to the communities we live in.

You will see in our Manifesto published on the Mid Sussex Labour website, that if voted in, we as Labour councillors will fight to:

• Stand up to speculative developers

• Create more affordable housing

• Demand high building standards that include renewable energy

• Be more transparent about how council decisions are made

• Bring back truly representative local planning committees

• Put the environment and green space above profit, and

• Balance the needs of business with the interests of the community.

All these contribute to improving our quality of life. Across Mid Sussex we have listened and talked with people, and contributed to the planning process and Neighbourhood Plans. We have campaigned on rail privatisation, the Living Wage, parking charges and Mid Sussex District Council’s handling of town centre redevelopment.

We are determined to break-up the status quo of Mid Sussex being run by Tory Councillors. With a wider range of views expressed and improved accountability, better decisions will be made that affect our whole community and ultimately our quality of life.

The last Mid Sussex-wide election was the 2017 General Election where Labour nearly doubled its previous best vote and we are hopeful of building on this achievement in these local elections. Vote Labour on 2nd May.

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the district in the lead up to the Mid Sussex District Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.