Mid Sussex Lib Dems: We will be more open and transparent with residents

By Mid Sussex Liberal Democrats

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:18 pm
Mid Sussex Lib Dem candidates
Mid Sussex Lib Dem candidates

Politics is broken in Mid Sussex say the Liberal Democrats with too much power held in too few hands. We are planning to break that and bring a new style of grown-up politics to our towns and villages. We will be more open and transparent with residents and consult more widely on issues which affect them.

Liberal Democrats would:

1. Stand up for local people on planning

Ensure that the planning of necessary homes meets the needs of the community, not the interests of developers;

• Increase the proportion of affordable and social housing;

• Press for developers to pay more to improve our overburdened infrastructure;

• Work to defend the green gaps between our towns and villages.

2. Improve the environment

• Adopt a range of environmental policies to reduce fly-tipping, reduce and recycle food waste, and eliminate single use plastic;

• Consult on community transport schemes to reduce traffic congestion;

•  Push for zero carbon homes and incorporate simple biodiversity measures in new housing developments.

3. Rebuild and enhance local communities

• Protect public assets and in particular library provision in Burgess Hill;

• Support the building of a community arts venue in Burgess Hill;

•  Support local independent traders and consult on measure to improve the town centre economy.

4. Improve democracy

•  Make decision making more transparent;

•  Involve residents in the decision making process with more consultation;

•  Extend question time at meetings and be more open with residents.

Mid Sussex Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Robert Eggleston, said: “After years of closed-shop Tory rule, residents are crying out for change. The Liberal Democrats are well placed to breathe new life into decision making in our towns and villages. We will take residents with us by being open, honest and transparent. We will consult with residents and treat them with respect.”

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the district in the lead up to the Mid Sussex District Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.