Mid Sussex MP highlights the importance of getting clean water

Mid Sussex MP Mims Davies is supporting the work of Water Aid to help women around the world get access to clean water.

Monday, 29th March 2021, 4:05 pm

The Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO) has been supporting women in politics and public life for 100 years and part of this has been championing this charity.

Mims Davies, who has been a CWO representative for years, said: “Water is something that we take for granted, as people living in a beautiful, rural area, but we must remember how difficult it is when we have brief water shortages.

“I can only imagine how difficult it is for women all over the globe who struggle to access clean water.”

Mid Sussex MP Mims Davies. Picture by Steve Robards

“If you can, I would encourage you to donate to Water Aid and to be mindful of our usage,” she said.

“I am always reminding my girls to switch of the taps when brushing their teeth,” added Ms Davies.

“Little acts like this can go a long way.”

The House of Commons held a general debate on Thursday (March 18) to mark World Water Day (March 22), which aims to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

This year’s theme is Valuing Water.

World Water Day also aims to support Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: Water and Sanitation for all by 2030.