Mid Sussex planning applications submitted to district council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between May 17 and 21.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 2:26 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Ansty And Staplefield

DM/20/4123: Cuckfield Golf Course, Staplefield Road, Cuckfield. Revisions to extension to clubhouse approved under DM/20/0487 including elevational changes, relocation of access door, amended structural support system for rear patio and associated engineering operations. Revised plans and reports received April 2021 showing use of use of void for storage associated with the golf club and soil testing results.


DM/21/1306: Holmsted Farm, Staplefield Road, Cuckfield. Change of use from a storage cabin associated with the lake to a one bedroom holiday let, with associated parking (Revised plans received 07.05.2021. Supporting Statement received 17.05.2021. Revised description received 17.05.2021).

DM/21/1840: The Forge, Cuckfield Road, Staplefield. Certificate of Lawfulness for a Proposed agricultural track serving the Forge.

Ashurst Wood

DM/21/1807: 45 Hammerwood Road. Extension at existing first & second floor levels over existing ground floor extension to allow for provision of lift-access to upper floors. Additional tile-hanging to upper floors.


DM/21/1395: Overhill, Cross Colwood Lane. Change of use of land and buildings from agriculture to the mixed use of agricultural and equestrian.

DM/21/1728: Old Mill House Farm. Cowfold Road. Change of use of two agricultural buildings and their immediate associated curtilage to flexible commercial use, with the anticipated use specifically being storage Use falling within B8 Use Class and B1 Commercial.

DM/21/1832: Secret Garden, Old Highlands East, London Road. Single Story Side extension with pitch roof to bungalow.

Burgess Hill

DM/21/1570: 39 Bramble Gardens. Conversion of integral garage into a room to be used as an office and for additional living space. Access to be via a new door in the hallway.

DM/21/1710: Wundee, 1D Cants Lane. Proposal to convert the front garden to a driveway and add a dropped kerb.

DM/21/1740: 12 Park Road. Demolition of existing pre-fab garage and erection of new building to incorporate garden room and storage.

DM/21/1759: 32 Wykeham Way. Replacement porch extension and bay window. Replace existing uPVC cladding with hanging tiles.

DM/21/1795: 31 Park Road. Demolition of conservatory and proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/21/1813: 5 Langridge Way. Single storey rear extension and internal alterations.

DM/21/1841: 2 Thatchers Close. Demolition of existing detached garage and erection of a rear single storey extension.

DM/21/1844: 9 Hambrook. Proposed first floor rear extension, additional windows on side elevation and minor alterations to front elevation.

DM/21/1870: Buon Appetito, 169 - 171 London Road. Proposed elevation changes and minor amendments to reinstate apartment at first floor above 169 London Road, (being a modified proposal to that permitted under DM/19/1894).

DM/21/1879: 5 Park Road. Conifer A - Fell, Conifer B - Fell.

DM/21/1902: 29 The Nursery. T1 Oak - Dismantle tree leaving approximately 4.6 metres of trunk as standing monolith.


DM/21/1871: 12 Buttinghill Drive. The rear part of the garage is to be converted to become habitable and infilling the rear garage/garden door and replacing it with a window. The front of the garage will be retained for storage.

East Grinstead

DM/21/0784: 12 Chaucer Avenue. Proposed single storey timber framed building to rear of existing garage.

DM/21/1365: 8 Clays Close. Construction of a brick wall 0.5m high and 12.4m long.

DM/21/1699: 17 Stuart Way. Demolition of existing conservatory and rebuild a larger orangery using existing foundations with steel cantilever ground beams.

DM/21/1738: Basement, The Old Mill, 45 London Road. Use of outside space to position tables and chairs for outside drinking.

DM/21/1770: 14 Garden Wood Road. Two storey side and rear extension and single storey rear extension.

DM/21/1814: 1 Collingwood Close. Proposed two storey rear extension.

DM/21/1823: 41 Kennedy Avenue. Single storey rear extension.

DM/21/1834: Heatherlea, Cranston Road. Front porch and roof extensions at ground floor.

DM/21/1836: 22 Surrey View. Lawful Development Certificate – Proposed garage conversion into a dining area, addition of bi-folding doors, a window, and a roof light, and also to relocate the kitchen and remove the bay window from the rear of the property.

DM/21/1842: Land At Queen Victoria Hospital, Holtye Road. Erection of 28 dwellings along with access from Oakfield Way along with parking and landscaping.

DM/21/1876: 74 Dorset Avenue. Proposed hip to gable loft conversion with front and rear Velux windows.

DM/21/1877: 19 St Michaels Road. Two storey side extension.

DM/21/1888: Land At Upper Fairlight Farm, Holtye Road. This scheme includes restringing to the LV overhead lines off Holtye Road and a medium construction pole with stay. Also upgrading to the Pole Mounted Terminal (PMT) which requires a H-pole. Please see attached plan.

DM/21/1894: 29 London Road. Variation of Condition no. 7 of DM/20/3860. We would like to vary the requirement minimum airborne sound insulation value from 55dB (DnTw+Ctr dB) to 51dB (DnTw+Ctr dB).


DM/21/1701: 7 Bonny Wood Road. Forming brick cavity walls to enclose existing undercroft of first floor extension and alterations at ground floor to form kitchen/family room with separate utility room.

DM/21/1787: 20 Woodsland Road. Proposed repalcement and extension of ground floor rear conservatory to create new garden room/home office.

DM/21/1791: 14 Ewart Close. Extension of existing garage to form new garden room / office space.

DM/21/1838: 67 Downs View Road. Front porch, wrap around front single storey extension with double and single storey extension to the rear with a balcony and raised decking sections.

Haywards Heath

DM/21/0100: Penland Farmhouse, Hanlye Lane, Cuckfield. Creation of a second independent access from Penland Farm Cottage for Penland Farmhouse. Alignment with existing driveway supported by kerb upstand to match/tie in with existing. Removal of existing retaining wall.

DM/21/1155: 30 Lucastes Road. Two storey side extension. New detached garage building to front of property.

DM/21/1754: 37 Gander Hill. Erection of two bay garage/office.

DM/21/1797: 35 Dellney Avenue. Proposed hip to gable extension and rear flat roofed dormer.

DM/21/1805: Oak Cottage, 31 Balcombe Road. Proposed detached double garage.

DM/21/1819: Central House, 25 - 27 Perrymount Road. Prior approval for change of use from Office(B1) to 48 flats(C3) (44no. 1 bedroom and 4no. 2 bedroom).

DM/21/1825: 17 Lewes Road. Beech Tree (A) - Lift the crown to a height of 6 metres above ground level and 2.5 meter all round crown reduction. Leylandi x 4 (B, C, D and E) - Fell. Ash x 2 (G and H) - Fell. Ash (F) - Reduce branches overhanging boundary. (Amended Description: 21.05.2021).

DM/21/1830: 48 Wickham Way. Proposed two storey rear extension to replace existing extension.

DM/21/1839: Longacre, 9 Lewes Road. Reduce 5 limbs of Oak by 1-1.5m to old points.

DM/21/1868: 17 Rumbolds Lane. Single storey front wrap around side extension.

DM/21/1881: 90 - 92 South Road. Change of use of ground floor from A1 to A5. Extension at the rear of the first floor to provide further restaurant ancillary accommodation. Conversion and extension of first and second floors to provide 4 no. 1 bed flats and 1 no. 2 bed flat.

DM/21/1892: 8 Hawkins Road. Proposed conversion of integral garage into office and storeroom.

DM/21/1904: William Hill Bookmakers, 27 Boltro Road. Conversion of the former betting shop to a single one bedroom residential flat. (Revision to front elevation treatment of approval DM/20/4705).

Horsted Keynes

DM/20/4692: Land South Of St Stephens Church, Hamsland. Proposed erection of 30 dwellings (30% affordable). There will be a mix of dwelling types including 1 bed apartments and 2, 3 and 4 bed houses. (Amended plans and additional submission received 27/4).

DM/21/1286: Twittens, Lewes Road. Construction of a single storey front porch measuring 2mx2m, in materials to match existing.

DM/21/1654: Ridgehurst, Lewes Road. Single bay oak framed garage and open sided link to west of existing double garage to create a boat store. Construct outdoor swimming pool to the south-east of the house and adjacent single storey oak framed swimming pool building.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/21/1843: 6 Hurstbeech Close, Hurstpierpoint. Proposed single storey rear flat roofed extension with associated internal alterations, extension of existing front bay window to form new entrance porch, new study window, new utilities door and extension of permeable driveway.

DM/21/1893: 6 The Sycamores, Sayers Common. Variation of condition 2 of DM/21/0121 to change the design of the roof of the approved extension. Approved drawing No. 2020/04/1001 version 1, to be changed to drawing No. 2020/04/1001 Revision C.

DM/21/1909: 1 Springbank Cottages, Langton Lane, Hurstpierpoint. T1 Conifer, T2 Ash, T3 and T4 (Group of Ash and Hazel) - reduce by 2 to 3 metres to clear trees from power line. T5 Ash - remove.


DM/21/1433: 8 Old School Court. Retrospective application to enlarge one kitchen window, decrease the size of one kitchen door and to replace the back door (leading into garden) with bifold doors.

DM/21/1812: 4 Portsmouth Wood Close. Mature Ash (T1) in rear garden. Raise Canopy by 2m. Thin Crown by 10%.

DM/21/1922: High Street And Compton Road. Limes Trees x35 - Re-pollard back to previous pollard points leaving roughly a 6m finished pollard highway trees on High Street Lindfield. Lime Trees x22 Re-pollard back to previous pollard points leaving roughly a 6m finished pollard - highway trees on Compton Road.

Lindfield Rural

DM/21/1404: Stonecross Cottage, Ardingly Road, Lindfield. Demoliton of existing 4 Bedroom dwelling and replacing with new 3 bedroom dwelling and detached 2 bay garage.

DM/21/1708: Meadowview, Gravelye Lane, Lindfield. Ground floor single storey rear kitchen/diner extension.


DM/21/1000: 25 Covert Mead, Handcross. Removal of existing conservatory and erection of new conservatory. New front patio. Replacement of front wire fence with picket fence. Replacement of existing rear fencing.

DM/21/1406: 1 The Street, Warninglid. Erection of attached 2 bedroom dwelling with associated site parking and creation of new access point onto Warninglid Lane.

DM/21/1711: 8A College Close, Handcross. Part retrospective for rear border graded lattice fence with trellis between 8 and 8A at 2.1m in height.

DM/21/1903: 1 Warren Cottages, Horsham Road, Handcross. Erection of single storey rear extension and first floor rear extension.

Turners Hill

DM/21/1515: 3 Chapel Row, North Street. 3 x trees/ shrubs to reduce each by third. 1 x Laurel, 1 x Yew and 1 x Larch tree.

West Hoathly

DM/21/1822: Tyes Cross Farm, Grinstead Lane, Sharpthorne. Ongoing agricultural use of a long-standing agricultural track. Necessary for agricultural and forestry reasons.


DM/21/1019: 3 Burton Cottages, Sandy Lane, Crawley Down. Proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/21/1531: Woodmans, Copthorne Common. Demolition of rear conservatory, front projection, side projection and detached garage. Proposed 2 storey rear extension and single storey side extension. Proposed detached garage. Proposed changes to window fenestrations.

DM/21/1600: Farthings, 9 Brookhill Road, Copthorne. New conservatory at the rear.

DM/21/1804: The Park Farm, Snow Hill, Crawley Down. Erection of second story extension over existing ground floor extensions at front and side of property and incorporate central space into new two story extension.

DM/21/1810: 1 Border Chase, Copthorne. Proposed detached single garage with room above.