Mid Sussex planning applications submitted to the district council

Planning applications
Planning applications

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between July 4 and 10.

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Ansty And Staplefield

DM/19/2350: Highways Access Land North Of Poplar Cottage, Nursery Lane, Warninglid. Demolition of 2no. store buildings and erection of a Local Meeting Hall (for use as a place of worship). Change of use of 1no. store building to create an ancillary community hall (used solely by members of church).


DM/19/2654: 88 Neville Cottages, Copyhold Lane, Lindfield. Removal of existing lean to conservatory to the rear elevation and replace with proposed single storey rear extension, new raised deck platform and stairs leading into the rear garden.


DM/19/2643: Greenaway, London Road. Alterations to position/design of windows, doors and cladding. Internal alterations with new covered access to lower ground floor.


DM/19/2708: Bolney Wine Estate Ltd, Bolney Wine Estate, Foxhole Lane. Proposed extension of hardstanding to create car park and associated landscaping.

Burgess Hill

DM/19/0360: Birchwood, Birchwood Grove Road. Proposed demolition of garage structure for the construction of a single storey rear extension with internal alterations, removal of trees on north boundary to facilitate extension and new detached garage near entrance. Amended plans received showing reduction in height of wall serving patio area.

DM/19/2611: 57 Longhurst. Proposed single storey front extension.

DM/19/2653: 3 Siskin Close. Single storey side extension.

DM/19/2689: 4 Pendean. Single storey rear extension, front porch and new first floor window to front elevation.


DM/19/2650: 3 Ruthven Close. First floor extension to front.

DM/19/2661: 3 Hanlye Lane. Variation of condition 3 relating to planning reference DM/18/2345 to allow for a change of external material to boundary wall (East elevation).

DM/19/2695: Crossways, Whitemans Green. (T1) Leylandii - Fell. (T2) Yew - Crown reduce by 2m. (T3) Sycamore - Pollard. (T4) Yew - Crown reduce by 2m.

East Grinstead

DM/19/2263: 7 Green Hedges Avenue. L-shaped Loft conversion at rear of house, including flat roofed dormer. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account.

DM/19/2309: 1 Mindelheim Avenue. Ash Coppice - Coppice several of the stems.

DM/19/2601: 23 Holtye Road. Revised description: Demolition of existing conservatory. Erection of front porch, side extension with pitched roof over and rear single storey extension. Excavation of front garden forming parking area and extension of drive and crossover to Blackwell Farm Road

DM/19/2673: Oak Lodge, Brooklands Way. Proposed first floor extension over garage.

DM/19/2697: Hurley Farm, Turners Hill Road. Variation of condition 2 relating to planning application DM/18/4503 (Demolition of existing 4 bedroom dwelling and construction of replacement dwelling) to allow for revised plans to amend the design reducing the footprint.


DM/19/2649: 12 Ockley Lane. Replace existing garage with 2 storey side extension incorporating 1st floor stair (ready to serve potential future loft conversion), extension of existing porch and formation of secure cycle store to flank.

DM/19/2698: 54 Parklands Road. Single storey rear extension and replacement of sash windows.

Haywards Heath

DM/19/1246: 1 Harlands Close. Demolition of existing garage with 2 storey side extension to create annexe ancillary to the main dwelling. Erection of new double garage. Amended plans received 26.06.2019 and 04.07.2019 showing reduction in size and re-location of proposed garage and reduction in size of proposed front dormer.

DM/19/2158: Mid Sussex District Council, Oaklands, Oaklands Road. Alter the South West elevation to accommodate 2 new larger, anthracite grey in colour, powder coated aluminium windows. On the North East elevation change white PVCu window units to powder coated anthracite grey aluminium double glazed units.

DM/19/2681: 1 Lucas Way. 2 x Hornbeam Trees - Reduce height by 1.5m to 2m.

Horsted Keynes

DM/19/2741: Chapel House, Chapel Lane. Remove Holly tree completely. Replacement tree (Viburnum) elsewhere on property.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/19/2316: Brushwood Farm, Cuckfield Road, Ansty. Demolition of existing conservatory with part single storey/two storey side extension, including new rear facing dormer. Single storey infill extension between garage building and property with garage converted and additional internal alterations.

DM/19/2540: Former Packing Shed Land To Rear Of 85 College Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Variation of condition 2 of planning permission DM/15/1982 (allowed on appeal ref: APP/D3830/W/15/3139204) to substitute Drawing no. 429.03B (in place of 429.03A) showing the development that has been implemented.

DM/19/2641: Land South Of A2300 Gatehouse Lane, Goddards Green. Employment development comprising up to 40,695sqm (Class B1(b), B1(c), B2, and B8) with ancillary offices, car parking and associated infrastructure. Access to be determined.

DM/19/2657: 155A High Street, Hurstpierpoint. Change of use from Retail (A1) to residential (C3), including alteration to front elevation.

DM/19/2663: Land Adjacent To 3 Hassocks Road, Hurstpierpoint. Sycamore Tree (T1) - Fell.

DM/19/2674: 10 Brown Twins Road, Hurstpierpoint. Proposed two-storey extension to front/side. Two new high level windows to west elevation of first floor Master Bedroom.

DM/19/2676: 16 Fairfield Crescent, Hurstpierpoint. Hip to gable loft conversion with rear dormer to create first floor. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account.

DM/19/2678: 66 Wickham Hill, Hurstpierpoint. Loft alterations including enlargement of existing dormer.


DM/19/2378: 9 Portsmouth Wood Close. Side/rear first floor extension.

DM/19/2701: 17 West Common Drive. Single story infill rear extension, first floor extension over existing ground floor, partial conversion of existing garage to play room and new timber and brick open porch.

West Hoathly

DM/19/2672: West Hoathly Primary School, North Lane. 1x Sycamore, 2 x Horse chestnut trees and 1x Red oak tree (T14,T15,T16,T17) - Crown reduction of between 30-40%.


DM/19/1791: Derwerden, 1 Vicarage Road, Crawley Down. Proposed two storey side extension with roof alterations and single storey rear extension. (Amended plans and description 05.07.2019)

DM/19/2655: 13 Bridgelands, Copthorne. First floor extension over recently completed ground floor extension.

DM/19/2656: 1 Brookside, Copthorne. Proposed two storey side extension.

DM/19/2671: The Havens Sportsfield Car Park, The Haven Centre, Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down. Village Hall with associated parking.

DM/19/2723: Worth Hall Coach House, Turners Hill Road, Turners Hill. Single storey rear extension.