Mid Sussex UKIP: We will put the needs of constituents first

By Chris French, Mid Sussex UKIP

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:18 pm
UKIP's Chris French Mid Sussex
UKIP's Chris French Mid Sussex

Our archaic voting system is no longer fit for purpose. UKIP would introduce proportional representation, so that people get the councillors & MPs in the proportions they voted.

UKIP will put the needs of their constituents first. UKIP wants to bring power back to YOU the people. Major decisions that affect the life and well being of the district for example major housing developments, should be the subject of a binding referendum.

The deceitful Conservative policy of ‘localism’ has seen unelected Planning Inspectors & developers ride roughshod over the wishes of the people of Mid Sussex. This has led to housing developments on an unprecedented scale throughout Mid Sussex, for example the 3,500 new houses being built on greenfields to the north of Burgess Hill. These huge numbers of new residents will inevitably bring unsustainable pressure to bear on our existing inadequate and neglected infrastructure.

One of the major factors that drives the need for all this new build housing is the ‘elephant in the room’ issue of mass migration. Many local issues are governed by national policies and UKIP would control migration according to our country’s need, thereby helping to reduce this unsustainable demand for local housing.

People in Mid Sussex as elsewhere, are experiencing higher levels of crime and anti-social behaviour. Local policing has all but disappeared following the savage cuts to Sussex Police by the Conservatives. UKIP would invest in local policing and have dedicated Ward Sergeants in place to help protect local villages and towns.

UKIP believes in keeping council tax as low as possible, while protecting essential services. UKIP councillors will oppose excessive remuneration for council chiefs. In the UK 2,500 received more than £100k pa.

For more information on UKIP’s vision and priorities, please visit the UKIP website to see the manifesto https://www.ukip.org/ukip-manifesto.php

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the district in the lead up to the Mid Sussex District Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.