Not a single affordable home planned in new block of 40 Haywards Heath flats

Artist's impression of the Harlands Road flats. Image: Frontier Estates Ltd
Artist's impression of the Harlands Road flats. Image: Frontier Estates Ltd

Plans for a development of 40 flats in Haywards Heath, none of which would be classed as affordable, have met with strong opposition.

An application to develop the site of an NCP car park in Harlands Road has been recommended for approval by planners at Mid Sussex District Council.

The council’s planning committee will meet on Thursday December 6 to make its decision.

The development, by Frontier Estates Ltd, would include 17 two-bedroom, 21 one-bedroom and two studio flats.

Objecting to the plans, the Haywards Heath Society pointed out that the Mid Sussex District Plan calls for 30 per cent of new developments to be affordable.

Haywards Heath Town Council said members were ‘appalled’ to hear that a district valuer, commissioned on behalf of the council, had concluded that it was not financially viable for affordable housing to be included in the scheme.

Objecting to the application, the town council stated: “This is simply not acceptable. It is not the responsibility of the local planning authority to underwrite the profit objectives of the developer.”

Other objections received by the council included concerns about highway safety, increased noise and the ‘significant overbearing impact’ of the development.

Recommending the scheme for approval, a report from planning officers stated: “Weighing in favour of the scheme is that the development will provide 40 additional residential units in a sustainable location at a time where there is a general need for local authorities to boost significantly the supply of housing and this should be given positive weight.”