Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between September 24 and 30.

Tuesday, 6th October 2020, 5:04 pm

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DM/20/3578: Elm Studio, London Road. Single storey rear extension, replace windows to existing rear elevation and new single window to side elevation.

Planning applications

Ansty And Staplefield

DM/20/2074: Cedars, Staplefield Place, Handcross Road, Staplefield. Refurbishment of existing house internally and externally. Demolition of attached garage, utility and oil bund. Construction of two storey side extension and porch, and formation of a new detached garage. (Amended garage drawing to reduce to a double garage with hipped roof - Rev B and submission of Tree Report. 18.09.2020).

DM/20/2634: Land South Of South Lodge, Borde Hill Lane, Haywards Heath. Change of use to retain section of disused road form the old Hanlye Lane for vehicle parking for the occupants of the adjacent South Lodge property. Installation of vehicle gates.

DM/20/2920: High Point, Brook Street, Cuckfield. Retrospective householder planning application for various outbuildings (Revised plans relating to corrected red line boundary received 23.09.2020).

DM/20/3543: Willow House, Handcross Road, Staplefield. T1 Yew tree - 2m crown reduction. T4 Yew tree - 2m crown reduction.

Ashurst Wood

DM/20/3415: 25 Hammerwood Road. Demolition of existing conservatory with replacement rear conservatory.

DM/20/3527: Oakleigh Cottage, Hectors Lane. Demolition of existing building and replacement with new building to provide home office, gym, games room and garden tractor shed.


DM/20/3565: Croft Corner, Oldlands Avenue. Prunus/Flowering Cherry - Reduce crown height and spread by 2m and thin by 25%.

DM/20/3589: Culver House, Stockcroft Road. Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and garden shed to front.


DM/20/3596: Sherlocks, Cross Colwood Lane. Extension to dwelling to provide additional accommodation at rear/east end to provide enhanced kitchen/breakfast/living space and utility plus home office on ground floor with two bedrooms and bathroom above.

Burgess Hill

DM/20/2899: Land To The West Of Freeks Lane, Freeks Lane. Installation of a surface water drainage pipe to support SUDS, features approved under application DM/19/3845.

DM/20/3472: 7 Inholmes Park Road. Proposed rear upper ground floor metal balcony and spiral stair.

DM/20/3479: 61 Coulstock Road. Oak tree - Reduce branches in garden of no. 61 Coulstock Road by 2m.

DM/20/3520: Icon Live Ltd, 4 York Road. Proposed installation of 5 external air conditioning condensors on the existing plant gantry to the rear of the building.

DM/20/3521: Icon Live Ltd, 4 York Road. Proposed erection of 1 no. new external sign to the front of the building.

DM/20/3544: Birchwood, Birchwood Grove Road. Poplar tree (T4) - Fell. Ash tree - fell and grind out roots.

DM/20/3556: 57 Leylands Road. Single storey rear extension.

DM/20/3580: 32 Potters Lane. Proposed single storey rear extension to replace the existing conservatory. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account.

DM/20/3584: Fairways, 81 Folders Lane. Two storey side extension and loft conversion with dormers.

East Grinstead

DM/20/3394: Fircroft, Yew Lane. Demolish existing dwelling, garage and outbuildings to construct a new dwelling and detached garage.

DM/20/3399: 23 Hilda Dukes Way. Retrospective application for the conversion of a garage into a habitable space.

DM/20/3451: Cromwell House, 78 - 80 High Street. Loggia post new bracket repair.

DM/20/3484: 75 Estcots Drive. Proposed single storey front extension.

DM/20/3496: 33 Hackenden Close. Proposed fence adjacent to driveway.

DM/20/3502: 4 Acorn Close. Demolition of garage and erection of single storey side extension to serve as an annex for an elderly relative.

DM/20/3548: 4 Chaucer Avenue. Oak - overall crown reduction of 2.5m and removal of deadwood.

DM/20/3573: Greenacres, Imberhorne Lane. Loft conversion including front and rear dormers with balcony to create first floor. Two storey side extension with internal alterations.

DM/20/3581: 2 Pannell Close. Demolition of existing garage and erection of 2 storey side extension and new porch.

DM/20/3590: 29 Alders View Drive. Alder, Silver Birch, Hawthorne and Ash - Reduce back to previous pollard points.


DM/20/2842: 42 Mackie Avenue. Rear extension and conversion and enlargement of roof space including addition of dormers and roof lights (amended description 25/09/2020).

DM/20/3475: Wellhouse Farm, Wellhouse Lane, Burgess Hill. Variation of Condition No: 2 of planning permission DM/19/5061 - to amend the approved plans to replace the flat roof with a tiled pitched roof to the single storey side extension.

DM/20/3550: 72 Keymer Road. Oak tree - Fell.

DM/20/3585: 42 Lodge Lane. T5 English Oak - See tree report.

Haywards Heath

DM/20/3044: The Priory, Syresham Gardens. Conversion of part of the former Chapel to 1 x 1 bedroom residential apartment on the second floor with internal and external alterations.

DM/20/3048: The Priory, Syresham Gardens. Conversion of part of the former Chapel to 1 x 1 bedroom residential apartment on the second floor with internal and external alterations.

DM/20/3310: 23 - 25 Bolnore Road. The demolition of 25 Bolnore Road and garage to 23 Bolnore Road, and the erection of a 67 bedroom residential care facility, with associated access works, car parking, servicing, private amenity space, landscaping and boundary treatment.

DM/20/3456: Land West Of Kilnwood Apartments, Rocky Lane. Erection of 9 apartments within a single three storey building, along with access, parking and landscaping.

DM/20/3468: 24 Penland Road. Retrospective application for landscaping works to rear garden.

DM/20/3499: 11 Bentswood Road. 3M Single storey rear extension. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account.

DM/20/3501: 4 Haywards Villas. Removal of existing conservatory. Replacement single storey rear and side extension with a flat roof and rooflight.

DM/20/3506: 4 Firlands. Close off front door and replace with a window and fit an additional window to the side elevation.

DM/20/3514: 44 Allen Road. Single storey rear extension and infill side extension to incorporate existing outbuilding.

DM/20/3549: 14 Barnmead. Ash tree -reduce crown back to previous cut points and cut back overhanging branches to level with boundary fence.

DM/20/3551: 28 Farlington Avenue. Replacement of rear store room roof with flat roof. Replacement of external rear terrace and stairs.

DM/20/3574: 17 Augustines Way. Two storey side extension to form annex and single storey rear extension.

DM/20/3579: 8 Redwood Drive. Sweet chestnut (T19 - 4 stems) - Trunk overhanging 9 Redwood Drive, removal of lower growth to first fork, reduce by 2m. Trunk left front - overall thin of 10-15%. Trunk back right - Removal of lower growth. Overall crown thin of 10-15%. Crown reduction overall of 2m and removal of growth in central bowl of tree.

DM/20/3602: 41 Sergison Close. Extension to existing ground floor lean-to at the rear of property, part conversion of existing garage for utility room and associated landscaping works.

DM/20/3625: 19 Lewes Road. Hazel Tree - Coppice to 1.2metres . Ash Trees x 6 - Fell. Beech Tree - Crown Lift by 3-5 metres and reduce overall by 3 metres.

Horsted Keynes

DM/20/3504: Ludham Farm, Cinder Hill Lane. Erection of detached garage.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/20/2963: Pond Lye Barn, Cuckfield Road, Ansty. To revise fenestration details from those approved under DM/20/0879. Removal of 3 ground floor windows, removal of north elevation first floor window, and addition of a second conservation roof light to the east elevation on the proposed carport.

DM/20/3488: 126C High Street, Hurstpierpoint. Change of use from class E to sui generis(hot food take away). Alterations to rear elevation.

DM/20/3508: 8 St Georges Place, Hurstpierpoint. Front ‘infill’ single storey extension.

DM/20/3509: 15 Highfield Drive. Single storey rear extension, new ground floor side window and ground floor side window relocation.

DM/20/3522: South Lodge, South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint. Replace a single storey garage and store with a new two storey garage with dormer windows and an attached bin store.

DM/20/3552: 29 Fairfield Crescent, Hurstpierpoint. Hip to gable loft conversion with roof lights and rear facing dormer to create first floor. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account.

DM/20/3571: Coppers, Policemans Lane, Hurstpierpoint. T1 and T2 Yew - raise crowns over lane to approx 3m. T3 and T4 Beech - crown lift over road to approx 5m. T5 Holly - reduce back encroachment to road. T6 Sycamore - Fell. T7 Sycamore - reduce back encroachment to neighbours roof by 2m.

DM/20/3586: 40 High Street, Hurstpierpoint. Birch (T1) - fell.


DM/20/3510: 27 Beckworth Lane. Proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/20/3555: 17 West Common Drive. Ground floor single storey infill rear extension.

Lindfield Rural

DM/20/3617: Land To The Rear Of 5,6 And 7 Tall Oaks. Hornbeam - Trim Overhang branches by 4-5 metres.


DM/20/3355: 1 And 1A Batchelors Buildings, High Street, Handcross. Split existing Retail (A1) unit into three separate units.

DM/20/3414: Hill Lodge, Staplefield Road, Handcross. Oak (T1) thin crown by 15%.

DM/20/3518: Keepers Lodge, High Beeches Lane, Handcross. Conversion of loft and raising of roof height by one metre to create first floor. Internal alterations to including conversion of garage to habitable space.

Turners Hill

DM/20/3406: Shamrock Cottage, North Street. Replace current 5 bar gate with 7ft solid gate to improve security and privacy.

West Hoathly

DM/20/3498: Land East Of Whitestone House, Selsfield Road. To remove stable block and erect a detached three bedroom dwelling with detached garage.

DM/20/3517: 1 West View Villas, North Lane. Proposed loft conversion,dormer and single storey rear extension with internal alterations.


DM/20/3467: 2 Mulberry Cottage, Sandy Lane, Crawley Down. Retrospective single story extension.

DM/20/3554: 22 Squires Close, Crawley Down. Demolition of attached garage and car port and erection of single storey side extension with front porch.