Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between October 31 and November 6.

Thursday, 7th November 2019, 5:07 pm

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Ansty And Staplefield

DM/19/3608: 55 Diamond Cottages, Brook Street, Cuckfield. First floor rear extension and internal alterations to ground and first floor. Amended location and block plan received 05.11.2019.


Ashurst Wood

DM/19/3743: 17 Woods Hill Lane, Ashurst Wood, East Grinstead. Proposed two storey side and single storey front extension. Amended plans received 05.11.2019.


DM/19/4552: Clayhurst Stockcroft Road, Balcombe, Haywards Heath. T6, T3, T4 x3 Lime - Remove epicormic growth to 6 metres in height. Conifer x1 - Remove top 4 metres in height. T5 T2 - x2 Yew - Reduce up to 1 metre in diameter.

DM/19/4577: Watermead, Balcombe. Oak (T4) reduce laterals overhanging the car park by 3m and deadwood.


DM/19/4556: 4 Wykehurst Corner, Colwood Lane, Bolney, Haywards Heath. Two storey front extension.

DM/19/4561: Buncton Barn, Buncton Lane, Bolney, Haywards Heath. Retrospective application for change of use of gunsmiths workshop including retail use to offices (B1[a] use class) and erection of a new office/storage shed.

Burgess Hill

DM/19/4385: 4 Unicorn Way, Burgess Hill. Conversion of existing double garage into a habitable space with hard standing parking area to the front

DM/19/4479: 70 Potters Lane, Burgess Hill. Removal of existing UPVC flat roofed porch and replacement with brick built flat roofed extension.

DM/19/4499: 39 Silverdale Road, Burgess Hill. Retrospective application for single storey front, side and rear extension with internal alterations.


DM/19/4393: Richmond House, Whitemans Green, Cuckfield. Proposed single storey side extension.

DM/19/4500: Seldons Barn, High Street, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath. To demolish the existing garden room and rebuild with brick to match the existing main house including double glazed timber casement windows as well as a zinc finish roof.

East Grinstead

DM/19/1256: Phoenix House, 53 - 59 Lingfield Road, East Grinstead. Outline application with all matters reserved for demolition of existing buildings to provide 9 no. two/three bedroom dwellings with associated parking and landscaping (Amended plans, Planning Statement and Stage 1 Road Safety Audit received on 19 August 2019) (Amended description and plans received on 5 November 2019)

DM/19/4180: Stone Quarry, Post Office, Hollands Way, East Grinstead. Proposal to convert post office to 1 residential unit.

DM/19/4457: The Little House, Old Road, East Grinstead. Single storey side extension at first floor level.

DM/19/4482: 21 Stoneleigh Close, East Grinstead. Single storey front extension and replace existing flat roof garage to a pitched roof.

DM/19/4492: 6 Ridgeway, East Grinstead. Proposed new gable to replace existing hip. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account.

DM/19/4515: 8 Lambourn Close, East Grinstead. T1 Oak - reduce back from garden by up to 2m and remove lowest limb over garden. T2 Oak - remove three lowest limbs and reduce back from garden by up to 2m. T3 Oak - remove lowest limb and reduce back from garden by up to 2m. T4 Oak - reduce back from garden by up to 2m.

DM/19/4527: 27-29 Birches Industrial Estate, East Grinstead. Modify the external ventilation louver to increase the airflow.

DM/19/4569: The Wallage, 139 Lingfield Road, East Grinstead. Single storey rear extension to create open plan living/kitchen/dining area and flat roof extension over existing single storey structure to create a new master suite. Removal of existing canopy over front of single storey garage.

DM/19/4585: 34 Fairlawn Drive, East Grinstead. First floor side and rear extension, and garage conversion (alterations to consent DM/19/2342 to change external finishes).

DM/19/4594: Land Rear Of St Ives, Maypole Road, East Grinstead. T1 Sycamore - reduce to previous cut points (approx 2.5m). T2 Sycamore - reduce to previous cut points (approx 2m). T3 Sycamore - reduce to previous cut points (approx 2m).


DM/19/4175: Garage Rear Of 29A Keymer Road, Hassocks. Change of use from B8 storage to C3 residential creating 1 x 1 bedroom dwelling. Proposed front, rear and side windows and 2 side dormers.

DM/19/4496: Land West Of London Road, London Road, Hassocks. Variation of condition 2 of application DM/17/4307, replacing approved plans to change the location and provision of visitor parking spaces, amendment to the location of the northern footpath link to the adjacent recreation ground, move Plot 60s garage by 500mm, move Plot 21 due to the discrepancy between physical and legal line of the boundary.

DM/19/4555: 14 Wilmington Close, Hassocks. First floor extension with a Juliet balcony to the rear elevation.

Haywards Heath

DM/19/3401: The Lodge, Bennetts Rise, Haywards Heath. Demolition of the existing building and erection of 2no. three-bed semi-detached houses and associated parking.

DM/19/4433: Hayworth Villa, 2 Market Place, 33 Boltro Road, Haywards Heath. Proposed new external lighting consisting of 15x building mounted light sources and 4x of free standing light sources.

DM/19/4505: 49 Oathall Road, Haywards Heath. Liquid Amber (T1) crown reduce up to 2m. Pittosporum (T2) re-pollard. Two Hazel (T3 and T4) remove up to 1/3 of stems to base.

DM/19/4531: 19 Wood Ride, Haywards Heath. Single storey rear extension and internal reconfiguration, conversion of existing single garage at front into habitable room with new windows, new front porch beneath existing entrance canopy, installation of ground floor access door on side elevation.

DM/19/4533: Anerley, 1 Shire Lane, Haywards Heath. Proposed single storey side extension. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account.

DM/19/4550: Turvey Wood, Lewes Road, Haywards Heath. Oak tree to rear of 26 Woodridge Close to be crown thinned by 25%.

DM/19/4562: Mari Fjora, Franklands Village, Haywards Heath. T1 - Oak - thin crown by no more than 20%. T2- Oak - thin crown by no more than 20%. Trim three branches - Trim branch 1 by 4 metres, remove branch 2 (take back to tree stem), trim branch 3 by 4 metres.

DM/19/4611: Land South Of Anscombe Wood, Hurstwood Lane, Haywards Heath. Approximately 150 saplings (mainly Birch) less than 6cm in diameter - Remove.

Horsted Keynes

DM/19/4474: Brambles, Wyatts Lane, Horsted Keynes, Haywards Heath. Single storey side addition and alteration of cladding at first floor level.

DM/19/4570: 2 Salisbury Cottages, Chapel Lane, Horsted Keynes. Cherry - Crown reduction of approximately 1.5m and thin the crown by 10%. Silver Birch - To reduce overhang into neighbours garden by approximately 3m.

DM/19/4580: Fieldhurst, Church Lane, Horsted Keynes. 3 Eucalyptus trees - Fell to ground level.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/19/1148: Kingsland Laines, Reeds Lane, Sayers Common, Hassocks. Approval of Reserved Matters following Outline consent (Ref. 12/01540/OUT) relating to appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of Phase 1 for 120 new dwellings, provision of open space and Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS) pursuant to the approved Outline consent. Amended plans and updated supporting information received 8 July. Description amended to confirm that this application for Reserved Matters consent is pursuant to the revised Outline permission approved under reference DM/18/4331. Amended plans received 24 September showing revisions to various dwellings as set out in the supporting letter from ECE Planning dated 24 September 2019.

DM/19/4413: 75 College Lane, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks. Loft conversion including 2 rear dormer windows to create second floor with internal alterations.

DM/19/4567: 32 Iden Hurst Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks.Two storey rear extension.

DM/19/4610: Tulley House, 143 Western Road, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks. Leylandi Tree - (T1) Fell


DM/19/0260: Tavistock And Summerhill School, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield. Proposed erection of 38 residential dwellings comprising 4 houses and 34 flats with associated internal access, surface-level car parking, landscaping with other infrastructure. Corrected application form, site layout plan, Design and Access Statement and landscaping plans received 21/03/2019. Proposed car parking spaces revised to 77. Amended plans received 30 October showing revisions to Block A and B and additional.

DM/19/2985: 10 Fieldway, Lindfield, Haywards Heath. Single storey ground floor extension together with associated internal and external alterations. Amended plans received 31.10.2019 showing amendments to size and design of extension.

DM/19/4416: Ladywell Black Hill, Lindfield, Haywards Heath. Re-instate wooden gates to the entrance of property.

DM/19/4490: 14 West Common Drive, Lindfield, Haywards Heath. Single storey rear extension with a new roof for the existing rear extension. Garage conversion into a habitable room.

DM/19/4514: 36-38 High Street, Lindfield, Haywards Heath. Removal and replacement of existing first floor timber boarding.

DM/19/4607: Little Blacklands, 153 High Street, Lindfield ,Haywards Heath. Yew - reduce overeaching limbs by 1-2m.


DM/19/4290: 5 Smugglers End, Handcross, Haywards Heath. 3 x Silver Birches - Lift crowns by 2m, thin by 10% and reduce and reshape by 5-7m.

DM/19/4363: Phipps House, Coos Lane, Handcross, Haywards Heath. Proposed replacement of an existing pool-house and swimming pool with new pool-house and swimming pool on the same site as the existing building.

Turners Hill

DM/19/4497: Burleigh Arches Farmhouse, East Street, Turners Hill, Crawley. Erection of a mobile home/annexe for use ancillary to the main dwelling. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account.

DM/19/4608: Land Adjacent To 7 Woodpecker Way, Turners Hill, Crawley. 7 x Alders - Reduce by up to 5m except T1 - reduce to fork.

West Hoathly

DM/19/4538: Land At Long Meadow Station Road, Sharpthorne, East Grinstead. Erection of 2no. detached dwellings with garages, with access via Station Road (resubmission of DM/17/5213).

Worth Parish Council

DM/19/3939: 6 Elger Way, Copthorne Crawley. Proposed 4m extension to rear of property to full width of house. The main part of the house will be re-roofed with a hipped pitched roof to match existing roof slopes all around and include a flat top to match existing ridge height. New roof light window to rear.

DM/19/4414: Crawley Down Village Hall, Turners Hill, Road Crawley Down. Outline application for the demolition of existing buildings and erection of 1x 3 bedroom dwelling. All matters reserved.

DM/19/4472: Pinewood Felcot Road, Furnace Wood, East Grinstead. Two storey front extension with integrated double garage and associated external works/ landscaping.

DM/19/4504: Land West Of Copthorne, Copthorne Way, Copthorne. Reserved Matters application for details of the footpath/cycleway (phase A5iv) including bridge across stream - pursuant to Condition 1 (Reserved Matters) of Outline planning permission 13/04127/OUTES dated 25 May 2016 as amended by Non-Material amendments DM/17/1979 dated 25 May 2017 and DM/18/0500 dated 28 March 2018.

DM/19/4510: 20 Heather Close, Copthorne, Crawley. Porch extension.

DM/19/4553: Land South Of A264 And East Of Gatwick Airport Parking, Copthorne Road, Copthorne.Construction of a footpath/cyclepath.

DM/19/4612: 27 And 29 Hophurst Drive, Crawley Down, Crawley. 2x Alders (T8 and T6) - (T8) at 27 Hophurst Drive - Reduce crown by up to 3 metres and (T6) at 29 Hophurst Drive - Reduce by approx 2 metres.