Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between March 1 to 5.

Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 9:27 am

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Ansty And Staplefield

DM/20/4501: Yew Tree, Brantridge Lane, Staplefield. x15 Oak trees - lift lower overhanging canopy face by 2.5m. Oak - 2.5m reduction. T1 Yew - 1.5m reduction. T2 and T3 Yew - 1m reduction. Prunus Uprooted ivy clad tree - fell. Silver Birch - fell. Poplar - Reduce to a standing height of 5m. Eucalyptus - 2.5m reduction.


DM/21/0005: Land Adj. To Meadow Woods, Brook Street, Cuckfield. Demolition of existing stables. Construction of a 4no. bedroom detached dwelling.

DM/21/0127: Willow Barn, Copyhold Lane, Cuckfield. Proposed detached double garage/workshop/garden store to the rear (address amended to Willow Barn).

DM/21/0791: High Point, Brook Street. Retrospective householder planning application for a pool kitchen and carport.


DM/21/0712: Wymondley, London Road. Part conversion of existing garage, ground floor extension to rear and side of existing detached house with alterations to existing ground floor door/window to rear.

DM/21/0805: Ferndale, Deanland Road. Single storey rear addition and conversion of garage.


DM/20/2640: Marylands Nursery Site, Cowfold Road. Demolition of single dwelling and outbuildings and erection of B8 floorspace (including ancillary office space) across 3 buildings, with hard and soft landscaping, parking and servicing. Altered access to be provided from A272/A23 Western Roundabout with existing Cowfold Road vehicular access closed. REVISED PLANS received 16/12/2020 showing revised position and height of Unit 1, joining Units 2 and 3 together and additional planting to southern boundary. ADDITIONAL HIGHWAY INFORMATION received 03/03/2021 including updated Noise Assessment.

DM/21/0123: Stairbridge Court, Bolney Grange Industrial Park. Variation of Condition 2 of planning application DM/17/5179 to replace approved drawings 269200-01, 269200-02b, 269200-05c and 269200-03h with amended drawings 3106 01, 3106 02, 3106 03 and 3106 05C.

DM/21/0708: Land Parcel Adjacent To Firdene, Jeremys Lane. Extend / remodelling of part existing barn (to form tractor / trailer store and general storage area) and increase width of existing access from road with new lay-by area and pedestrian gate access.

Burgess Hill

DM/21/0113: 7 Petworth Drive. Demolish greenhouse and detached garage. Construction of single storey side and rear extension to form ancillary accommodation to main dwelling. (Revised description agreed 25.01.2021) (Revised plans received 04.03.2021).

DM/21/0669: Hammonds Lea, London Road. Erection of orangery to rear elevation of existing detached dwelling.

DM/21/0670: The RHU Hairdressing, 115 Lower Church Road. External alterations including: blocking up of 2 windows to the east elevation. Installation of rooflights to existing flat roof. Provision of PV panels to the existing flat roof. Provision of refuse and recycling bins within timber enclosures. Resurfacing of the existing parking area. Extension between the rear roof dormers and replacement cladding to the dormers. Removal of existing air conditioning units and provision of new air conditioning condensing units behind fencing. New shop front and landscaping to provide wheelchair access.

DM/21/0688: Forman Recruitment Ltd, Americas House, 273 London Road. Prior approval of a change of use of an office (old Use Class B1a, now Use Class E) to form 6no studio flats. (Use Class C3).

DM/21/0705: 3 Royal George Road. T1 - White Mulberry remove, T2 - Fruit Tree remove, T3 - Butterfly Bush remove, T4 - Elder remove, T5 - Serviceberry remove, T6 Old Mans Beard remove, T7 - Poplar remove, T8 - Aspen remove, T9 and T10 Ash - remove, T12 Butterfly Bush remove, T13 - Hazel tree remove.

DM/21/0739: 13A Beaconsfield Close. Demolition of existing warehouse and creation of two new 3 bed detached chalet style houses with relayed external landscape, bins and cycle stores.

DM/21/0750: 8 Folders Gardens. T1 - Oak, reduce and re-shape by 2-3 meters. Crown lift to 3.5 meters.

DM/21/0763: 10 Edwin Street. T2 Oak of MWA Arboricultural Report - Remove.

DM/21/0767: 2 The Saffrons. Cherry Blossom, reduce crown by 3 meters. Remove 1 x damaged branch.

DM/21/0776: The Bluebells, Birchwood Grove Road. Fir Trees x2 - reduce, taking 1-1.5 metres off the crown and approximately 1 metre off the circumference.

DM/21/0816: 23 Foxglove Close. T1 - Oak, thin crown by 15%, reduce height and spread by 1-2 meters.

DM/21/0827: 7 Hammonds Gardens. Oak(T3) - Remove fallen tree.

DM/21/0831: Site Of Former KDG, Victoria Road. Variation of conditions 1,11,21,23 and 24 relating to reference DM/19/0188.


DM/20/3158: 11 Manor Drive. Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a two storey single family dwelling house including garage. (Revised plans and supporting documents received 03.03.2021).

East Grinstead

DM/21/0394: Templecoombe Cottage, Coombe Hill Road. Proposed field access into land adjoining host dwelling (additional gate details received 04/03/2021).

DM/21/0411: 8 Frith Park. Proposed detached garage.

DM/21/0516: 116 Queens Road. Demolition of the existing utility room with single storey rear extension.

DM/21/0610: 3 Hackenden Close. Proposed single storey rear extension and a loft conversion with dormer extension.

DM/21/0615: 9 Harvest Hill. Proposed loft conversion to front elevation with 4no. dormer windows. Demolition of detached garage and erection of attached garage with habitable accommodation above, combined with roof reconfiguration above utility room and rear of the building, including addition of 2 roof lights and 1 window. Proposed two storey extension to south elevation and single storey full width extension to the rear. Introduce raised, level parking area to the front.

DM/21/0652: 14 Beacon Rise. Removal of existing lean-to structure and replace with a wrap-around rear extension.

DM/21/0700: Nest, 2 High Street. Variation of Condition 3 of planning permission 13/00678/COU, to extend the opening hours to 8pm Monday to Saturday and open Sundays from 9.30 to 14.30.

DM/21/0717: Former Telephone Exchange, Imberhorne Lane. Variation to condition 2 relating to planning application DM/20/2761 to revise the drawings for the amendment to the window placement on the South Elevation including the addition of 2x roof lights. An alternative roof tile is also proposed.

DM/21/0732: 5 The Dell. Conversion of ground floor single storey integrated garage to a living space and conversion of the lean to conservatory to a living space.

DM/21/0742: 2 Crossways Avenue. Variation of condition nos. 2 and 3 of planning permission DM/20/1735 replacing approved plans to allow minor changes to windows and materials - to change guttering and down pipes to black from white.

DM/21/0753: Sackville House, 70 High Street. Repairs to wall framing, infill panels and roof members, repairs to chimneys, renewal and part alteration to roof coverings, repairs and part renewal of windows and dormers, renewal and alteration to roof windows, renewal of door canopy to new detail, repairs and part renewal to ceilings and skeelings, external and internal redecoration, renewal and part alteration to insulation, alterations to rain and foul water drainage systems, alterations to extract ventilation system.

DM/21/0795: 107 Halsford Park Road. Proposed first floor and roof extension of house over existing flat roof garage.

DM/21/0834: 6 The Stennings. T1 - Oak, reduce lateral branches toward house by 2 meter. Reduce height by 1.5-2 meter and opposite side.


DM/21/0337: The Ham, 24 Hurst Road. Driveway installation.

DM/21/0538: 6 Hassocks Gate. Conversion of garage with new window and roller garage door.

DM/21/0608: 14 Friars Oak Road. Construction of a self-contained annexe to replace an existing garage located in the rear garden.

DM/21/0671: 41 Downs View Road. Extension and alterations to provide enlarged bedroom over existing garage to front and rear extension to provide bedroom/home office above extended kitchen with new cladding and additional small area of hard standing to drive.

DM/21/0703: 39 Mackie Avenue. Ground floor rear extension replacing existing structures.

DM/21/0749: 20 Friars Oak Road. Roof extension and conversion including erection of rear dormer and front roof lights.

Haywards Heath

DM/21/0623: 17 Trubwick Avenue. Loft Conversion.

DM/21/0639: 49 Eastern Road. T1 - Oak, reduce Crown by 2.5 meters.

DM/21/0645: 17 Fairford Close. First floor side extension, together with associated internal and external alterations.

DM/21/0691: 25 Gatesmead. Proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/21/0697: 2 Ferny Croft. Garage conversion including changing garage doors into 2 windows to create a habitable space.

DM/21/0699: 9 Beech Hill. Proposed two storey rear extension, single storey front extension, replace conservatory roof and associated alterations.

DM/21/0715: Gemini House, Mill Green Business Estate, Mill Green Road. Request the removal of condition 2 of planning permission HH/07/02518/COND to allow the premises to operate 24 hours a day.

DM/21/0756: Martlet Manor, Butlers Green Road. Proposed entrance building name signs, way finding signs and information signs.

DM/21/0766:, 90 - 92 South Road. Removal of existing shopfront, demolition of redundant WC/boiler accommodation to rear. Installation of a new shop front and side means of escape door.

DM/21/0777: 71 Western Road. Convert existing first floor flat into two flats and conversion of ground floor office into studio flat.

DM/21/0782: Fleur De Lis, 2 Bolnore Road. Line of x15 Lawson Cypress trees and x3 Common multi-stemmed Sycamore trees on boundary with neighbouring property - dismantle to near ground. Large Lawson Cypress tree: dismantle co-dominant stem overhanging boundary retaining stem nearest car park. Crown lift to 2.4 m (as appropriate); x1 mature Common Sycamore tree, x1 mature Yew tree, removing competition (Beech sapling). Sever ivy at lower trunk prune back overhanging branches, crown lift to 2.4 metres for all other trees overhanging Bolnore Road.

DM/21/0877: The Priory, Syresham Gardens. Discharge of planning condition nos 3 relating to planning application DM/20/3048.

Horsted Keynes

DM/21/0459: Bowling Alley Cottage, The Green. Yew - Cut branches back from roof by 1.5m.

DM/21/0581: Broadhurst Manor, Broadhurst Manor Road. Demolition of existing stables and construction of a new three-bay garage with garden machinery and log store. Conversion of an outbuilding into a gym/games room.

DM/21/0583: Broadhurst Manor, Broadhurst Manor Road. Demolition of existing stables and construction of a new three-bay garage with garden machinery and log store. Conversion of an outbuilding into a gym/games room.

DM/21/0584: The Ravenswood Hotel, Horsted Lane, Sharpthorne. Demolition of existing temporary bin store. Single storey extension to kitchen and construction of a permanent and enclosed bin store. Extension of existing freestanding wall.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/21/0621: 1 South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint. Erection of a wooden summerhouse at the rear of garden.

DM/21/0764: Pakyns House, Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint. Demolition of an existing barn and the erection of one detached dwelling together with permeable driveway and associated hard and soft landscaping works.

DM/21/0770: Land North Of The Stables, Pookbourne Lane, Sayers Common. This scheme includes alterations to the Dual Circuit 33kv Line at Pookbourne Lane, Sayers Common, including the installation of 2x H-Poles, 8 terminal stays to allow the undergrounding of overhead line.

DM/21/0801: The Stables, Pookbourne Lane, Sayers Common. Change of use of office to holiday let.

DM/21/0833: Hampton Lodge, 2 Hassocks Road, Hurstpierpoint. T1 - Yew, reduce canopy by 2 meters, T2 - Yew, reduce canopy by 2 meters, T3 - Holly, bracing placed on tree to prevent uprooting, T4 - Yew, reduce south canopy by 2 meters, T5 - Field Maple, remove to ground level, T6 - Field Maple, reduce west side by 4 meters.

DM/21/0835: Ailsa Craig, Abberton Field, Hurstpierpoint. T1 - Conifer, remove to ground level to allow replanting

DM/21/0867: Cemetery, South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint. Lime (T1-T6) - re-pollard. Willow (T7 & T8) - reduce crown by 3m.


DM/21/0668: 36 Meadow Lane. Proposed single storey rear extensions. Hip-to-gable roof extensions incorporating a loft conversion. Addition of a front porch. Internal alterations. Alterations to vehicular access from a private road.

DM/21/0704: Dormy, 8 Brook Lane. Removal of condition 3 of 13/01243/FUL to allow for clear glazed rooflights within side elevations on the first floor loft extension (amended description 04/03/2021).

DM/21/0815: 38 High Street. T1 - unspecified species, remove and replace with smaller tree.

Lindfield Rural

DM/21/0735: 8 Clover Gate. Formation of new gable roof and provision of new storage building behind existing garage.


DM/21/0711: Oaklands Farm, Slaugham Lane, Warninglid. Re-positioning and minor amendments to the owners/ managers house, already permitted under planning application (Reference No: DM/18/2071).

DM/21/0751: 3 The Street, Warninglid. To brick-up the existing open porch and add a front door and a side window.

Turners Hill

DM/21/0620: Worth School, Paddockhurst Road. Variation of condition no.2 of DM/20/1266 to reduce size of boiler plant room, change of roofing material and increase in LPG storage tanks.

West Hoathly

DM/21/0460: 21 Hoathly Hill. Application to remove property from Section 52 legal agreement dated 29th December 1986, following on from application DM/19/3820.

DM/21/0785: Lydcombe, Top Road, Sharpthorne. Proposed two storey extension to the front of the property.


DM/20/4127: Barns Court And Friday Farm, Turners Hill Road, Crawley Down. Outline application for an expansion of the existing commercial estate with up to 7,310 sq m of new commercial space. There is currently 3,243 sq m of existing commercial space, of which 2,530 sq m will be retained and 713 sq m of lower-quality, temporary buildings and portacabins removed. The proposed increase over the existing commercial floor space is 6,597 sq m and the total amount of commercial space available on the site post expansion will be up to 9,840 sq m. We are also seeking permission for a replacement of the existing dwelling, and the creation of a new public footpath. The application is in outline, with all matters reserved except for access.

DM/21/0470: 4 Bowers Place, Crawley Down. Loft conversion with rear dormer and extension over existing first floor to create second floor with a rear facing Juliette balcony. Single storey rear extension.

DM/21/0720: Stables Cottage, Sandy Lane, Crawley Down. Ground floor rear extension and loft conversion.

DM/21/0771: 52 Lashmere, Copthorne. Single storey front extension. New pitched roof with roof light over existing flat roofed extension to rear. Alterations to fenestration and door positions. Extension of existing drive (hardstanding).