Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between April 26 to 30.

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 3:32 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Ansty And Staplefield

DM/21/1621: Moorfields Farm Cottage Broxmead Lane Cuckfield Haywards Heath. Agricultural steel framed storage barn.


DM/21/1630: The Jolly Tanners Handcross Road Staplefield Haywards Heath. Outline application for a conservatory to the rear of The Jolly Tanners Public House on an existing patio area with all matters reserved apart access, layout and scale.


DM/21/1503: Lovat House, Paddockhurst Lane, Balcombe. Creation of open-air swimming pool and erection of summerhouse with pump room and log store.

DM/21/1591: Paddockhurst Estates, Paddockhurst Estate Office And Sawmill, Back Lane, Turners Hill. A steel portal framed forestry building.

DM/21/1660: Rocklands, Church Lane. T1 Cupressus tree - remove.

Ashurst Wood

DM/21/1661: The Pines, Hammerwood Road. T1 Scots Pine - Remove lowest branch overhanging garage. T2 Scots Pine- Remove two lower branches (2nd and 3rd from bottom of tree). T3 Scots Pine - Remove lower branch (2nd from bottom of tree) overhanging house.


DM/21/1583: Oakland, Stockcroft Road. Proposed extension at first floor over existing side garage. Existing roof extended over.


DM/21/1624: Stairbridge Court, Bolney Grange Industrial Park. Variation of condition no.2 of planning permission DM/17/5179 to amend approved plans to allow changes in design.

Burgess Hill

DM/21/1010: 3 St Peters Road. Proposed extension of an existing rear elevation flat roof dormer, hip to gable conversion, removal of chimney to rear elevation, 3 no. rooflights to front elevation, external insulated render to all elevations and internal alterations to suit.

DM/21/1530: 10 Rolfe Drive. Oak - Remove dead wood and epicormic growth. Remove lowest limb on north side. Thin crown by 10%.

DM/21/1542: 33 Fairfield Road. Construction of single storey rear extension.

DM/21/1594: 30 Cromwell Road. Demolition of existing two storey rear extension and construction of new two storey extension.

DM/21/1607: Burgess Hill Angling Centre Ltd, 143 Lower Church Road. Variation of condition nos. 2 and 4 relating to planning application DM/20/0604 - Condition 2 to allow the inclusion of a blue line around the land within the ownership including the area proposed for the stores. Condition 4 to submit the required details of the bin and bike stores to avoid the requirement for further information to be submitted.

DM/21/1632: 7 Sycamore Drive. Oak (T9) - Reduce limbs away from property by 1.5 meters. Ash (T10) - Fell.

DM/21/1635: 39 Stirling Court Road. Single storey side extension.

DM/21/1669: 50 Park Road. Yew (T1) - reduce height by 1 metre (Just below BT Lines) and re-shape in front of garden.


DM/21/0900: 17 Horsefield Green. (Amended plans 24.04.2021) Loft conversion above garage including an increase in the roof height and a rear dormer window.

DM/21/1595: 4 Warden Court. Demolition of garage, side roof dormer, single storey rear extension and conservatory. Construction of two storey side/rear extension. Construction of a single storey side/rear extension.

DM/21/1625: Lindrea, 1 Blunden Drive. Single storey rear extension to provide new kitchen/dining room.

East Grinstead

DM/21/1355: 31A North End, London Road. Change of use from shop to 1x one bedroom residential flat (Class C3).

DM/21/1391: The Atrium, King Street. Change of use from a gym to a indoor golf facility and bar and lounge.

DM/21/1401: 33 Hermitage Road. Oak tree (T1) overall reduction of five metres.

DM/21/1592: 38 Shelley Road. Proposed construction of a single-storey rear extension.

DM/21/1609: 52 Garden Wood Road. Proposed two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and loft conversion.

DM/21/1633: 29 Garden Wood Road. Demolition of garden room and detached garage to replace with single storey side and rear extension.


DM/21/1568: Holly Bush House, 11 Lodge Lane. T1 Eucalyptus - reduce by 1.5 metres from top and 0.5 metres from the side. T2 Sycamore - reduce 1 metre from the top and 0.5 metres from the side.

DM/21/1590: 4 Lagwood Close. Proposed single storey flat roof side extension. Proposed new bay window to front elevation. Proposed first floor roof extension with flat roof rear dormer and Velux roof windows to front roof slope.

Haywards Heath

DM/21/0490: 19 Western Road. Demolition of existing garage and conservatory. Erection of single storey rear/side extension and loft conversion of with rear dormer and 2no. roof lights to the front elevation. (Revised plans received 22.04.2021).

DM/21/1317: Gemini Insurance Management Ltd, Gemini House, Mill Green Business Estate, Mill Green Road. Proposal seeks to position an external ventilation plant in an acoustic fenced enclosure with ducted links into the facade of the building; install a new UKPN substation in a brick-built, flat roofed, ventilated housing, provide new cycle storage and provide gas cylinder storage within the site and parking area. Minor changes to the facade of the building include a single door exit at the rear of the building onto the garden area and a double door entrance (for large equipment) to the east of the building as well as minor ductwork penetrations through the facade from the ventilation plant.

DM/21/1390: 12 Augustines Way. Formation of parking bay with balustrading.

DM/21/1462: 12 Southdown Close. Internal reconfiguration of detached family house including outbuilding garage conversion, and additional single storey extension to the rear, decking area, replacement of existing windows, additional rooflights to front and rear elevations, solar PV and accessible ramp to front entrance.

DM/21/1569: 3rd Haywards Heath Scout Group, Alan Bilsby Hall, Bentswood Crescent. Two residential buildings, a four bedroom dwelling and the other building comprises a two-bedroom ground floor flat and one-bedroom first floor flat.

DM/21/1589: 8 George Avenue. Garage Conversion.

DM/21/1622: 3 Chandlers Field Drive. Proposed single storey side extension and parking space with block paving.

DM/21/1640: 11 Wychperry Road. Replace front dormer, remove rear dormer and extend first floor to existing eave line. New front entrance porch and small single storey ‘lean to’ rear extension to dining room.

Horsted Keynes

DM/21/1670: The Forge, Station Road. Spruce Tree - Fell.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/21/1337: 67 Iden Hurst, Hurstpierpoint. To reposition garden fence approximately 1 metre closer to edge of property boundary to allow the addition of a pedestrian access gate to the fron (South East) side and addition of a path for easy access for recycling bins. Double hedge border to be relocated in keeping with current layout and surrounding properties.

DM/21/1529: South Down House, 4 Albert Silsby Place, Hurstpierpoint. Demolition of the existing detached garaging. Construction of a single-storey extension to the side elevation, incorporating a basement level. Fenestration amendments to the existing front and rear elevations, along with related internal alterations. Hard and soft landscaping works, to include the installation of an external swimming pool.

DM/21/1540: Potters, Pomper Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Proposed erection of a summerhouse building and a games room building.

DM/21/1566: 186 Western Road, Hurstpierpoint. Front Garden: Yew - overall crown reduce by 0.61 metres, Group of Holly Trees - reduce in height by 0.61 metres. Back Garden Yew - overall crown reduce by 0.61 metres. Grind two stumps. Cherry Laurel - crown reduce by 0.61 metres. Cherry Laurel - reduce 6 metres (total) of limb encroaching on (T1) Hawthorn . T1- Hawthorn- overall crown reduce by 0.61 metres. Remove Holly encroaching on T2 Hawthorn. T2 Hawthorn crown reduce by 0.61 metres. Blue Cedar - remove 2, 1 metre limbs overhanging front roof.

DM/21/1603: Heath Veterinary Clinic, 9 High Street, Hurstpierpoint. Proposed change of use of former veterinary clinic to 1 bedroom self contained eco-tourism holiday accommodation.

DM/21/1634: Park Cottage, Manor Road, Hurstpierpoint. Cherry (T1) - remove stem leaning on fence post.

DM/21/1657: 23 Orchard Way, Hurstpierpoint. HT1 Oak - Overall crown reduce by 2 metres.


DM/21/0346: Lindfield Dry Cleaners, 4 Denmans Lane. Rear extension to 4 Denmans Lane. (Amended Block and Location Plan received 30.03.2021 and amended Floor and Elevations Plans 27.04.2021).

DM/21/1548: Heathers, Brushes Lane. Roof alterations, comprising dormer windows and rooflights.

DM/21/1581: 30 West Common. Replace existing porch.

DM/21/1586: Porters, 58 High Street. Proposed internal refurbishments to include replacing all existing bathrooms with new suites, rehanging some doors, converting a room on the ground floor and first floor to accommodate larger family bathrooms.

DM/21/1615: 37 Meadow Lane. Installation to new bay window to front and new side windows.

DM/21/1636: 37 Meadow Lane. Erection of a single storey rear extension extending beyond the rear wall of the original house by 8.00m, to a maximum height of 3.60m and the height fof the eaves to 2.50m.

Lindfield Rural

DM/21/1574: Mulberry House, Ardingly Road, Lindfield. Proposed swimming pool facility building with in-ground swimming pool and associated external works.


DM/21/1557: 2 Thompson Way, Handcross. Oak Tree - remove 8 lower limbs as identified in photo.

DM/21/1637: 61 Horsham Road, Pease Pottage. Replacement garage.

West Hoathly

DM/21/1587: Vine Yard Cottage, North Lane. Erection of a replacement dwelling with lower ground floor, following demolition of the existing single storey cottage.

DM/21/1619: Hilwood, Balcombe Lane, Sharpthorne. Erection of garage building.

DM/21/1664: 5 Hoathly Hill. Application to remove property from Section 52 legal agreement dated 29th December 1986, following on from application DM/19/3820.


DM/21/0783: 36 Kitsmead, Copthorne. Proposed two storey front extension, front porch and pitch roof to existing garage. (amended plans received 21.04.2021 and new description 22.04.2021).

DM/21/1167: Down Cottage, Turners Hill Road, Crawley Down. Yew Tree - remove branches overhanging brick shed in back garden.

DM/21/1517: Grove House, Copthorne Common. T1 Robinia WP/01/TPO/90 Fell.

DM/21/1558: 41 Erica Way, Copthorne. Front Ground Floor Extension.