Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between May 10 and 15.

Monday, 17th May 2021, 4:33 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Ansty And Staplefield

DM/21/0127: Willow Barn, Copyhold Lane, Cuckfield. Proposed detached double garage/workshop/garden store to the rear (address amended to Willow Barn) (Amended plans received 7 May 2021).


DM/21/1744: Sunnyside, Bolney Road, Ansty. Construction of 3 dwellings together with access, parking and landscaping, and also a car port for Sunnyside.


DM/21/1680: Providence Farm, Colwood Lane, Warninglid. Variation to condition 2 relating to planning application DM/17/0493 to revise the drawings for adjusting the smaller barn conversion, to include additional first floor level, with roof lights, windows and private gardens to each barn.

DM/21/1803: Carisbrooke Manor, Colwood Lane. T1- Oak, reduce crown by 2 meters. T2 - Oak, reduce crown by 2 meters.

Burgess Hill

DM/21/1620: Americas House, 273 London Road. Conversion of Ground and first floor offices to 4 flats and erection of 2 flats at 2nd floor.

DM/21/1718: 1 Newport Road. New Window and Alterations.

DM/21/1773: 6 Meeds Road. Two bedroom rear dormer extension and ground floor rear conservatory.


DM/21/1776: 22A South Street. Single storey front extension to enlarge kitchen, two storey rear extension to enlarge living room and add further bedroom.

East Grinstead

DM/21/1198: 174A London Road. Proposed change of use from retail shop to take away/delivery.

DM/21/1412: Beckford, Lewes Road. New build of a detached four bedroom house at the southern right hand side of the property with three car parking spaces and ancillary amenities.

DM/21/1437: 5 Coronation Road. Proposed demolition of single storey side garage, utility and storage building. Construction of single storey side garage (New plans and description 12.05.2021).

DM/21/1623: 8 Pegasus Way. First floor front extension over new porch and extension of existing driveway.

DM/21/1756: 113 Blount Avenue. New front porch, first floor side extension, conversion of garage and loft.

DM/21/1760: 6 King Street. Proposed signage comprising of the letters ‘H’, ‘U’, ‘X’ and barbershop pole (internally illuminated) with external illumination.

DM/21/1772: Derwen Lodge, Lewes Road. Garage conversion.

DM/21/1778: 9 Coronation Road. Side infill extension and dormer infill extension including roof lights and obscured windows. Front extension to form a new entrance to the property.

DM/21/1780: 9 Morton Road. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of three detached dwellings, and three pairs of semi-detached dwellings with car parking, modifications to the existing access and provision of soft landscaping.

DM/21/1802: Ardengrove, Furzefield Road. T1 - Mature Oak, Corwn dieback, reduce all over crown by upto 2 meters.

DM/21/1808: Moat Croft, Cranston Road. Loft conversion including rear dormer.


DM/21/1232: 27 Clayton Avenue. Willow, overhanging footpath and neighbouring garden ( 2 x stems ) Reduce to approx. 3m in height - amended description 11.05.2021.

DM/21/1547: 26 Ann Close. Creation of new 2-bed bungalow property on land rear of 26 Ann Close.

DM/21/1784: 55 Kings Drive. Single storey extension - squaring off existing extension and fitting of new pitched roof. Insertion of new fixed obscure glazed window to side of property.

Haywards Heath

DM/21/1724: 30 Lucastes Road. T1 and T3 Birch-crown reduce by no more than 3 metres. T4 - Silver birch-crown reduce by no more than 3 metres.

DM/21/1758: Willow Tree Pre School, Barn Cottage, Pavilion Barn, Cottage Lane. New mixed use purpose-built community centre with use by day nursery together with joining tunnel to existing pavilion.

DM/21/1777: 24 Allen Road. T1 Oak, asymmetrical upper crown, one lower lateral branch growing west has a large open wound for about 3 metres with exposed heartwood. Propose to remove this lower limb. Crown reduce northern aspect by 2 metres. Reduce easterly aspect by 2 metres. Reduce southern aspect by 2 metres. Reduce westerly aspect by 4metres. Remove all dead wood over 50mm.

DM/21/1786: 56 - 58 The Broadway. Retrospective application seeking the erection of a raised terrace/seating area.

DM/21/1825: 17 Lewes Road. Beech Tree (A) - Lift the crown to a height of 6 metres above ground level. Leylandi x 4 (B, C, D and E) - Fell. Ash x 2 (G and H) - Fell. Ash (F) - Reduce branches overhanging boundary.

Horsted Keynes

DM/21/1783: Cinder Hill Equine Veterinary Clinic, Units 6 To 8, Horsted Keynes Business Park. Retrospective application for the creation of a hardstanding.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/21/1725: Mid Sussex District Council Trinity Road Car Park, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint. Erection of sign on wall adjacent to the car park .

DM/21/1755: Hurstpierpoint College, College Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Variation of condition no 4 relating to Appeal Decision APP/D3830/A/03/1133005 (Planning Ref. 03/00136/FUL) - to allow the cut off time for the floodlights to change to 9pm.

DM/21/1792: 94 College Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Two storey rear extension, first floor side extension, dormer and roof windows, removal of front bay windows with remodelling of front elevation and external alterations.


DM/21/0897: 3A Backwoods Lane. Replacement of windows, replacement of tile hanging, alterations to rear elevation and extension of garage (Amended Plans 14.05.2021).

DM/21/1492: Chantry Cottage, 121 High Street. Erection of timber summerhouse in garden.

DM/21/1521: 29 Savill Road. Rear single storey extension. Front partial conversion of existing garage to habitable space. New front door and sidelights to front hall. New first floor master bedroom with ensuite and new rear window. Existing hanging tiled panels to all elevations to be rendered finish in pale green/grey. New standing seam zinc roof finish to the existing main roof and the new rear extension. New raised patio to rear.

DM/21/1707: 44 Savill Road. Two storey side and single storey front extension.

DM/21/1731: 73 Meadow Lane. Proposed loft conversion dormer roof extension.

DM/21/1735: 73 Meadow Lane. Proposed loft conversion dormer roof extension.

DM/21/1761: Land Adj To Black Hill House, Black Hill. Variation of condition 2 (Approved drawing numbers) of DM/20/3592 to allow substitution of the approved drawings with those submitted with this application.

DM/21/1812: 4 Portsmouth Wood Close. Mature Ash (T1) in rear garden. Raise Canopy by 2m. Thin Crown by 10%.


DM/21/0445: 19 Horsham Road, Pease Pottage. Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and rear dormer roof. (Revised plans received 10.05.2021).

DM/21/0868: 67 Covert Mead, Handcross. (Amended description and plans 12/05/2021) Proposed two storey side extension, single storey extensions to front and rear elevations and loft conversion.

DM/21/1305: 18 Truggers. Replacement single storey rear extension and associated works.

West Hoathly

DM/21/1752: 31 Marlpit Road, Sharpthorne. Demolition of existing pitched roof and erection of new roof with loft accommodation comprising Living/Dining/Kitchen. Existing ground floor Living Room converted to new Bedroom ensuite.


DM/21/1200: Land To South Of Snow Hill And Adj. To Ladymead, Crawley Down. Proposed 57 bed care home including means of access and parking.

DM/21/1739: 14 Grange Road, Crawley Down. Proposed loft conversion with rear dormer and hip to gable conversion to the side.

DM/21/1748: 13 Field Drive, Crawley Down. Single storey flat roof rear extension.

DM/21/1769: The Havens Sportsfield Car Park, The Haven Centre, Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down. Variation to condition 2 relating to planning application DM/20/3296 to substitute amended drawings for those on original and subsequent approved schemes for economical and construction detail requirements.

DM/21/1779: 45 Newtown, Copthorne. T1 Oak - remove overhanging branches and epicormic growth up to 8m . T2 and T3 Oaks - reduce crown by up to 2.5m leaving a residual height of approx 19m and a branch spread of approx 8m. Remove epicormic growth from trunks. T4 Birch - remove lowest branch overhanging garden.