Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between June 14 to 18.

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 12:09 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Ansty And Staplefield

DM/21/2254: 21 Cedar Avenue, Haywards Heath. Creation of a front bay window extension under the existing front roof.

DM/21/2255: Honeysuckle House, 7 Old House Lane, Haywards Heath. Proposed conversion of existing integral single garage into a habitable room and storage room.

DM/21/2277: Deakes Manor, Deaks Lane, Cuckfield. Outline application for a proposed new open-sided barn for the storage of equipment and vehicles, associated with maintenance of land and property, with all matters reserved.


DM/21/1500: Wakehurst Place, Selsfield Road. Retrospective application for the installation of 3 x Portkabins to provide for temporary staff welfare facilities in relation to compliance with COVID-19 guidelines (adjacent to Visitor Centre and Millennium Seed Bank), for temporary consent for 12 months.

DM/21/2278: Jordans, Church Lane. Refurbishment of the store area in the existing outbuilding and the introduction of two new windows.


DM/21/2265: Rosewood, Deanland Road. Conversion of roof space, extension to existing garage & utilising roof space as home office, link between garage & main house, formation of small basement under existing garage, and decoration of existing timber windows to front elevation.

DM/21/2300: Wynstay Cottage, Stockcroft Road. Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of 2 storey rear extension along with conversion of existing garage to ancillary accommodation.


DM/21/2048: Little Farm, Cowfold Road. Single storey extension to the rear.

DM/21/2193: Ormonde Hall, Cowfold Road. Demolition of existing 20th Century burnt out house attached to 15th Century Grade II Listed Hall/Barn and erection of a replacement 2 Storey House with a single storey frameless glass link between replacement house and Grade II Listed Hall/Barn. In addition a detached Triple Garage is proposed.

DM/21/2197: Ormonde Hall, Cowfold Road. Application to partially demolish linked elements of burnt out 20th Century Dwelling linked to Grade Two Listed Hall building and internal alterations of Grade Two Listed Hall building staircase, floor repairs and any associated wall finishes and ceiling finishes, linked to previous fire and water damage.

Burgess Hill

DM/21/1991: Victoria House, 66 Victoria Road. Demolition of existing commercial building and erection of 7 no. flats (1) x1 bedroom and (6) x2 bedroom flats.

DM/21/2121: 27 Noel Rise. Construction of a self-contained bungalow within the rear garden of the existing house for the purpose of providing accommodation for an elderly parent and carer.

DM/21/2132: 3 Daynes Way. Retrospective - Convert detached garage into a habitable space - bed, shower, bathroom and cooking appliances all inside.

DM/21/2162: 11 Greenlands Close. Demolition of existing detached garage, to be replaced with a two storey side extension, with new garage, replacement front dormer pitched roof and additional front and rear dormers.

DM/21/2177: 18 Manor Road. Demolish existing garage and build a new one.

DM/21/2239: Millets, 77 Church Walk. Prior approval of a change of use of part of first floor from offices (old Use Class B1a, now Use Class E) to form 2 no. residential apartments. (Use Class C3).

DM/21/2258: 10 Lowlands Road. Proposed single storey extension to side and rear.

DM/21/2267: 61 Marlborough Drive. Single storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory.

DM/21/2270: 87 Junction Road. Variation of condition nos 2 and 4 of planning permission DM/18/3102 to replace approved plans to allow alterations in design.

DM/21/2271: 30 Inholmes Park Road. Link dwelling to detached garage to form a home office, study and playroom.

DM/21/2279: Cherry Tree House, Birchwood Grove Road. To construct an L-shaped extension to the rear and side of the property.

DM/21/2284: 56 Larkspur Drive. Creation of a loft conversion with rear dormer and installation of two roof windows to the front roof slope.

DM/21/2299: 64 Meadow Lane. First floor side extension and new single storey side extension.


DM/20/2661: Rookwood, Tylers Green. Demolition of existing building (comprising 2 x existing dwellings, following approval of Lawful Development Certificate DM/21/1367) and garage, and replacement with 2 x 4-bed detached dwellings with garaging (Amended description and amended plans received 25 February 2021).

DM/21/2210: Downsmead, Courtmead Road. Demolition of existing rear extension. Erection of new single storey and two storey side and rear extension. Removal of existing roof and formation of new roof including dormers.

East Grinstead

DM/21/0115: Parking Area Adjacent 24 Wellington Town Road. Construction of 2no. single family dwellings and associated car parking, landscaping and ancillary works. (Revised plans received 01.06.2021).

DM/21/2085: 56 Blount Avenue. Demolish the existing one storey garage and replace it with a two storey extension to the existing two storey house.

DM/21/2171: 30 Park Road. Retrospective - Erection of a boundary wall exceeding one metre high at the front of our property.

DM/21/2173: Ann Gream House, St Johns Road. T34 Pine, T18, Willow, reduce overhang by 20%, 2-3 metres to clear flats. T14 Walnut,T15-T16 x2 Oaks, T1 Oak - lift lower branches approx 4 metres and thin by 10%. T3,T4,.T5,T6 and T8,T9 - Silver Birch - lift lower branches approx 4 metres and thin by 10%. T32 Lime - lift 5.2 metres and sever Ivy. T33 Lime- lift off roof to clear by 2 metres. T30 Oak - Lift off roof to clear by 2 metres, thin by 10%, remove snag end. T31 Lift 5.2 metres to clear.

DM/21/2238: Land East Of 9 Oakfield Way. 4 x Oaks (T4, T6 and 2 in group G33) Fell to ground level, possibly remove stumps.

DM/21/2256: 5 Crossways Avenue. Proposed single storey front, rear and two storey side extensions with internal alterations.

DM/21/2264: 4 Oak Farm Place, Felbridge. Re-pollarding of 1 x Willow Tree (T1) 4-5 metres.

DM/21/2283: Moat Croft, Cranston Road. Single storey rear extension.

DM/21/2287: 4 Newick Way. Proposed single storey extension to front elevation and garage conversion.

DM/21/2295: 31 North End, London Road. Discharge of planning condition no 1 of Prior Approval DM/19/4858.

DM/21/2296: Chapman House, Chapmans Lane. Hedge - reduce by approximately 1m to top of fence line. Sycamores (T1, T4, T5 and T6) reduce by approximately 2m and thin by 20%. Holly (T2) reduce back from power lines up to 70cm. Lime tree (T3) reduce by approximately 2m and thin by 20%.

DM/21/2297: Lazywood, Furzefield Road. Ash Trees (T1), (T2), (T3) - Fell, due to ash dieback.


DM/21/2086: 27 Queens Drive. Demolition of existing garage/store and glazed conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension.

DM/21/2221: 23 Sycamore Way. Single storey front porch extension and part garage conversion to form home study.

DM/21/2241: 31 Church Mead. Dormer and hip to gable roof extension over an existing ground floor extension.

DM/21/2243: 46 London Road. Single storey rear extension.

DM/21/2260: 37 Clayton Avenue. 1xmulti stem Ash tree remove damaged limb only to ground level.

DM/21/2281: 31 Church Mead. Ground floor single storey rear extension to connect a previous rear extension to the existing garage side elevation.

DM/21/2314: Land To The Rear Of 6 The Crescent. T1 Sycamore - Crown reduce from top by approximately 2.5 metres and from side by 1.5 metres.

Haywards Heath

DM/21/1522: 61 Farlington Avenue. Holly - Coppice 3 oldest stems to base. Repeat partial coppicing on other growth on a 5-7 year basis and thereafter maintain as a coppiced tree on a 5-7 year cycle in perpetuity (Amended Description).

DM/21/1644: 33 Cobbetts Mead. Single storey rear extensions to lounge/dining area and to garage area, and the redesign of the internal ground floor layout. (Revised plan received 16.06.2021).

DM/21/1889: Gatwick Motor World, Burrell Road. New 3 bay MOT testing centre with office accommodation and parking.

DM/21/2138: 17 Middle Village. Removal of conservatory and raised decking and provision of single storey rear extension and hard landscape paving.

DM/21/2156: 134 South Road. Change of use from retail E to hot food takeaway Sui Generis, the installation of an extraction unit to rear elevation, and a new bin area.

DM/21/2182: Flowserve, Burrell Road. Minor amendments to access/egress to the operational site (south entrance) and installation of tactile/dropped kerbs as required.

DM/21/2187: 19 Weald Rise. Variation of condition no. 1, relating to planning reference DM/20/3962 by substituting drawing no. 1133/02 with drawing no.1133/02 Rev B to allow for changes in the roof design and first floor front elevation windows.

DM/21/2201: 134 South Road. 1 New Internally Illuminated Shop Sign.

DM/21/2203: 8 Grosvenor Hall, Bolnore Road. Cypress (T2) - Raise Canopy by 2 meters due to partial die back.

DM/21/2213: 15 Western Road. Removal of existing rear conservatory and pre-fabricated garage (refer to existing photos of details) and erection of new single storey and two storey side / rear extension.

DM/21/2223: 7 Oldfield Drive. Single storey extension to East side of property at 7 Oldfield Drive.

DM/21/2259: 6 Amberley Close. Removal of 1 x Oak tree and replanting.

Horsted Keynes

DM/21/2291: Timbers, Church Lane. Large Oak (T1) - To Reduce and shape the crown by approximately 2 metres .

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/21/2170: 9 Hannington Place, Hurstpierpoint. Extension of existing detached garage (to the rear and also to link it up to the house), in order to form a music room. Modification of the existing entrance porch.

DM/21/2181: Alders Farm, Brighton Road, Hurstpierpoint. To convert two thirds of the barn into a residential dwelling, with the remaining third retained as storage.

DM/21/2222: Old Coach House, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint. Construction of single-storey extension at the rear of the site and installation of one skylight to the existing house.

DM/21/2224: Old Coach House, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint. Construction of single-storey extension at the rear of the site and installation of one skylight to the existing house.

DM/21/2240: Old Conna Barn, Cuckfield Road, Goddards Green. Demolition of 2 no barns and erection of disabled-friendly granny annexe.

DM/21/2246: Nos 1-65 The Grange, Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint. Removal of Condition 22, relating to planning reference 04/02331/FUL to allow residents to make small scale additions to their properties without seeking planning permission.

DM/21/2286: 8 Berrylands Farm, Sayers Common. Garage conversion.


DM/21/2017: 1 Portsmouth Wood. Permission to retain 1.5m high wooden fence in situ to west boundary of property behind existing yew hedge (fence to be removed once hedge is of reasonable height). Original planning permission DM/16/1088 granted 27/05/2016.

DM/21/2310: Guildwood, 3 Little Black Hill. 5xLime Trees (T1-T5) Re-pollarding to previous level.

Lindfield Rural

DM/21/1377: Awbrook Place, Slugwash Lane, Haywards Heath. Proposed change of use of field adjacent to property to a standard tennis court with mesh fencing.


DM/21/2020: Land South Of Southend Cottage, Brighton Road, Handcross. Variation of condition 2 of planning application DM/20/3955 - to replace drawing number 18.53.PL03B with PL03C to allow for design changes. Address amended 15.06.2021.

Turners Hill

DM/21/2248: Burleigh Oaks Farm, East Street. A commencement of a development which occurred through the demolition of an existing partially destroyed building along with the removal and clearance of debris from the application site; together with the digging of three trenches and the formation of three individual concrete padstones to create foundations associated with the south western elevation of the replacement building.

DM/21/2274: 9 Withypitts. Part retrospective construction of a driveway across land to access the rear of 9A Withypitts and to access two parallel parking bays. Adjustment of existing fencing.

West Hoathly

DM/21/0650: Laburnum Cottage, Selsfield Road. Move bathroom into lower storeroom, accessed via a staircase and use the space to create an entrance hall and kitchen. Move front door to the left and install hardwood double glazing. Cover existing concrete blockwork with weatherboarding. Internal alterations including removing two partitions and creating one level surface with staircase down to storeroom below.

DM/21/1671: Rushbrooke, Selsfield Road. Proposed two storey rear extension. Amended plans received 16.06.2021 showing revised side dormer design.

DM/21/2144: 4 Hoathly Hill. Proposed extension and refurbishment of existing annex.

DM/21/2211: 28 Bluebell Lane, Sharpthorne. Single Storey Side Conservatory.

DM/21/2227: Pickeridge Farm House, Cob Lane, Ardingly. Lift all softwood boards and dispose of them. Lift all original oak boards and cut off eaten and decayed timber to provide useable square edged boards and to reinstall them, having first treated them against further infestation. Replace the short fall in boards with new oak boards and replace the irreparable joist(s) and repair the others.


DM/21/0524: Pembley Farm, Pembley Green, Copthorne Common. Demolition of existing outbuilding and single storey extension to northern elevation of previously approved barn conversion. Creation of new access drive and removal of previously approved garage building and erection of replacement garage building with home office above. Changes to previously approved fenestration to barn conversion. Revised plans received 15/06/2021 showing changes to position of dormer windows to garage (now on rear elevation) with rooflights on the front elevation and the inclusion of a first floor window on the front elevation of the barn.

DM/21/2104: Zennor, Hophurst Drive, Crawley Down. Amendment to roofline/layout over side extension over existing garage in relation to approved reference DM/20/1116.

DM/21/2134: Yew Tree Cottage, Wallage Lane, Rowfant. Proposed permanent closure of existing vehicular access to Yew Tree Cottage, and replacement by historical access further east.

DM/21/2196: Ollen, Vicarage Road, Crawley Down. Demolition of existing front porch and single storey side extension and proposed erection of two storey and single storey side extension with internal modifications and re-pitching of existing roof together with detached single storey garage and car port.

DM/21/2204: 157 Crawley Down Road, Felbridge. Retrospective partial conversion of attached garage.

DM/21/2216: Dunsmoor, Borers Arms Road, Copthorne. Single storey front extension.

DM/21/2257: Little Court, Cuttinglye Lane, Crawley Down. Erection of single storey rear/side extension.

DM/21/2268: 4 Abergavenny Gardens, Copthorne. Garage conversion.

DM/21/2275: 26 Forest Close, Crawley Down. Proposed porch to front elevation.

DM/21/2290: Gatwick Worth Hotel, Crabbet Park, Turners Hill Road, Turners Hill. Discharge of planning condition no. 2 relating to planning application DM/20/3336.