Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between July 5-9.

Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 12:08 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Mid Sussex District Council website.


DM/21/2488: Bounty Cottage, The Street. Construction of a swimming pool and shed extension.


Ashurst Wood

DM/21/2531: Lyndhurst, Cansiron Lane. Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of new side extension with 2No. dormers (one to front and one to rear) together with associated internal and external alterations.


DM/21/2467: 31 The Street. Internal alterations to form ground floor w/c and alterations to front and rear access doors.

Burgess Hill

DM/21/1304: Land To The Rear Off 88 Folders Lane. Variation of condition 2 of application DM/20/4183 to change the approved parking plan (Revised description agreed 23.04.2021. Updated parking plan received 25.05.2021).

DM/21/1759: 32 Wykeham Way. Replacement porch extension and bay window. Replace existing uPVC cladding with hanging tiles.

DM/21/1773: 6 Meeds Road. Two bedroom rear dormer extension and ground floor rear conservatory. Additional plan received (28th June 2021) showing eastern side elevation.

DM/21/2097: 36 Ferndale Road. Demolition of existing garage and single storey side extension and erection of new single garage and single storey side extension. (Amended description/plans received 28th June 2021 removing two storey side extension.).

DM/21/2292: Capers, Portland Road. 1 x Oak - reduce crown by 2-3m. 2x younger Oak - fell and remove completely.

DM/21/2368: 66 Valebridge Drive. Front w/c extension.

DM/21/2438: 10 Northway. Retrospective application for a front porch.

DM/21/2447: 144 Junction Road. Proposed amendment to approved application DM/18/1660 to extend side extension by 450mm and add additional bedroom window.

DM/21/2495: 67 Hammonds Ridge. Proposed two storey rear and front extension.

DM/21/2552: 33 Mayhouse Road. Replacement of existing conservatory with single storey rear extension.


DM/21/2107: The White House, Whitemans Green. Lowering of the kerb to the length of maximum of 3 metres.

DM/21/2435: Snaresbrook, Tylers Green. Rear extension at first floor above existing single storey rear projection, together with loft conversion.

DM/21/2436: 3 Braynesmead Cottages, Whitemans Green. Single storey side extension to outbuilding.

DM/21/2506: Fieldview, 17 The Highlands. Proposed reconstruction of Chimney.

DM/21/2562: 11 Leyton Lea. Single storey pitched roof front extension and internal alterations.

East Grinstead

DM/21/1738: Basement, The Old Mill, 45 London Road. Use of outside space to position tables and chairs for outside drinking (Updated location plan and further information received 10.06.2021. Highways details received 30.07.2021).

DM/21/2141: 36 Railway Approach. Change of use of hairdressing salon to a one bedroom flat.

DM/21/2350: The Grange, Furze Lane. Erection of a detached chalet dwelling on land adjacent to the Grange.

DM/21/2400: East Grinstead Service Station, 147 - 149 London Road. Existing Sales building, surrounding offices and forecourt canopy to be completely demolished. Construction of New single storey sales building with new forecourt canopy, Underground fuel storage tanks, 2no. New jet wash bays, New EV charging bays with associated EV infrastructure and Shopfront parking bays.

DM/21/2432: Rooms 46 To 48, Council Offices, East Court, College Lane. Replace non opening window with an opening window in keeping with other windows to the left and above.

DM/21/2437: Estcots Farmhouse, College Lane. H1 - Mature conifer trees forming a hedge on the right hand boundary - Fell.

DM/21/2471: 6A Blackwell Farm Road. New Entrance, Hall and Bathroom to replace existing Outbuilding.

DM/21/2491: 4 Buckhurst Mead. Proposed stationing of a mobile home within residential garden to provide ancillary accommodation.

DM/21/2494: 2 High Trees, Ship Street. T1 Redwood - Remove lower epicormic growth up to 2 metres.

DM/21/2523: 7 Southlands. Proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/21/2558: Jordans, 15 Buckhurst Way. Fell 1x T13 Oak.


DM/21/2395: 75 Ockley Lane. Replacement part two story and part single story rear extension, replacement part two story part single side extension. Garage conversion and replacement porch.

DM/21/2484: 32 Ockenden Way. Rear two storey extension, internal reconfigurations and alterations to south and west elevation.

DM/21/2518: White Lodge, Ockley Lane. Proposed erection of an outbuilding to be used as a garden store and store room/hobbies/study room above.

DM/21/2525: Malthouse Barn, Malthouse Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Additions and alterations to the main house including a South facing extension with an Zinc roof orientated to the view together with an infill extension on the West side with a zinc roof to house a new internal staircase, also enlarge the boiler room and amend access to it (Variation to approval DM/20/4146).

Haywards Heath

DM/21/1126: 15A Harlands Close. The application is to introduce a stepped arrangement in order to reduce the steepness of the slope on the driveway by the use of a brick clad retaining wall and the inclusion of a small paved level seating area to the end of the rear garden. Amended plans received 20.05.2021 to include sectional drawings showing change in land levels. Additional plans received 01.07.2021 and 06.07.2021 showing further landscaping works to side and rear of property.

DM/21/2205: 94 Lewes Road. Roof windows to rear roof slope.

DM/21/2340: 167 Hoblands. Remove existing dilapidated wooden fence with concrete posts and replace with 3ft brick retaining wall with 6ft piers and fence panel sections increasing height overall from 6ft to 9ft.

DM/21/2379: Southease, Fox Hill. Ground floor extension to lounge.

DM/21/2468: The Nook, 31 Cobbetts Mead. Single storey rear extension and front portico. New application reducing the width of the rear extension, approved under planning application DM/19/0610.

DM/21/2498: 41 Perrymount Road. Change of use from A2 to E for sale of food and drinks.

DM/21/2575: 6 Lucastes Road. (T1) - Lawson Cypress - remove 4 to 5 metres off top of crown and roll over top. (T2) - Ash - fell. (T3) - Sycamore - three stems - crown lift to 4 metres, crown thin by 20% and prune back both sides by up to 2 metres. (T4) - Ash - 3 stems - fell to ground level. (T5) - Sycamore - 4 stems - prune back both sides by up to 2 metres and crown thin by 20%. (T6) - English Oak, crown lift by up to 7 metres all around, crown thin by 20% and sever Ivy at base. (T7) - Sycamore - crown lift over garden by up to 7 metres and crown thin by 20%.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/21/2206: Hurstpierpoint College, College Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Installation of new air-handling units on elevated plant deck, new external cold room beneath, and associated internal and external alterations.

DM/21/2208: Hurstpierpoint College, College Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Installation of new air-handling units on elevated plant deck, new external cold room beneath, and associated internal and external alterations.

DM/21/2469: 144 Western Road, Hurstpierpoint. Rear Extension.

DM/21/2490: Greensands, Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint. (G1) Limes x 4 : 25% thin. (G2) Robinia x 5 : 20% thinning. (G3) Sycamore x 4 : remove. (G4) Holly x 4 : remove. (G5) Sycamore x 4 : remove x 3. (T1,T2,T3) Holly : remove and replace with laurel hedging. (T4) Beech : 15% thin, reduce height by 2.5m, remove crossing and damaged limbs, trim side limbs 1.5m. (T5) Sycamore- fell. (T6) Yew : 15% thin and reduce canopy by 20%, remove damaged wood. (T7,T8,T9) Sycamore : remove dead limbs, 15% thin. (T11) Hazel : re-coppice. (T13) Birch : fell, (T14) Holly : fell. (T15) Yew : remove dead branches, 15% thin and rebalance canopy. [amended description received 08/07/2021].

DM/21/2537: 4 South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint. 1x(T1) Magnolia to reduce crown by 1 metre.

DM/21/2545: 34 Highfield Drive, Hurstpierpoint. Convert existing garage into a habitable room and create two dormer extensions at first floor level.


DM/21/2420: Quince Tree Cottage, 10 Francis Road. Replacement of single glaze windows in all bedrooms, bathroom and bay window. Windows will be replaced with double glaze like for like - white Crittall windows in keeping with the original windows.

DM/21/2496: 18 Dukes Road. T1- Sycamore - Reduce crown height and spread by 3-4m. G2-Oak, Sycamore and Sweet Chestnut - Reduce over hang by 1-2m (growing out over car port).

DM/21/2560: West View House, West View. 1x Dog Wood - Reduce crown 1.5m 1x Fir tree – Reduce crown by 1.5m 1x Magnolia – Reduce crown by 1.5m.


DM/21/1043: Land North Of Parish Lane, Brighton Road, Pease Pottage. Temporary installation of 2 sales cabins, ancillary parking, associated landscaping and means of enclosure, previously approved under DM/19/1445. (Amended drawings received 25th June 2021).

DM/21/2115: 15 Brougham Lane, Pease Pottage. Retrospective application - Increase back garden fence to 2400mm.

DM/21/2479: Stanbridge Farm, East Stanbridges, Stanbridge Lane, Staplefield. Retrospective Change of Use application, the existing stables have been used as a recording and rehearsal space since 2015.

DM/21/2502: Land West Of Old Brighton Road North, Pease Pottage. G1 Ash and Elms - Fell to ground level - 10x dead Elms trees and 2x Ash trees with dieback. T1 Oak - Monolith to 7 metres.

Turners Hill

DM/21/2529: 1 Hill House Close. T2 Oak pollarding by approximately 3 meters from the end of the branches and remove any decayed/dead wood. T1 Oak Prune by approximately 1.5m to appropriate growth points, thin canopy by 20% and remove all dead wood.

DM/21/2534: Worth Hall Farm, Turners Hill Road. Variation of conditions 1 and 3 on DM/20/3808 to allow the repositioning of the main entrance and amendments to exterior materials.

West Hoathly

DM/21/2457: Lower Sheriff Farm, Hammingden Lane, Ardingly. Change of use of four existing farm buildings to an events venue. Small lean-to extension to the northern side of the main barn.


DM/21/2462: 5 Fairway Close, Copthorne. Replacing conservatory with a rear extension, refurbishment of existing side extension and general upgrading.

DM/21/2509: Rowfant House, Wallage Lane, Rowfant. Provision of a marquee within the walled garden, adjacent carpark and modifications to pathway leading to Rowfant House.

DM/21/2512: Rowfant House, Wallage Lane, Rowfant. Provision of a marquee within the walled garden, adjacent carpark and modifications to pathway leading to Rowfant House