Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between July 19 to 23.

Monday, 26th July 2021, 2:12 pm

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DM/21/2488: Bounty Cottage, The Street. Construction of a swimming pool and shed extension.



DM/21/2300: Wynstay Cottage, Stockcroft Road. Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of 2 storey rear extension along with conversion of existing garage to ancillary accommodation (Revised plans showing updated red line boundary received 16.07.2021).

DM/21/2648: 3 Symonds Flats, Haywards Heath Road. Fell Sycamore -.


DM/21/2656: Marylands Nursery Site, Cowfold Road. Variation of planning condition nos. 2 and13 relating to planning permission DM/20/2640 - Variation of the approved plans and external materials for units 2 and 3 is sought to permit the occupation of units 2 and 3 as a data centre. Alsterations to external cladding materials to clarify which products are proposed for the scheme and detail these for completeness.

Burgess Hill

DM/21/2662: Highmead, Birchwood Grove Road. T1 Oak - reduce by 2 meters, T2 Oak - reduce by 2 meters, T3 Oak - reduce by 1 meter, T4 Laylandi hedge - reduce height by 2 meters, T5 Sycamore - crown lift by 6 meters.

DM/21/2667: 7 Mansion Close. T134 Turkey Oak, rear garden. Thin by 20%.

DM/21/2672: 65 Hammonds Ridge. Proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/21/2678: 20 Barley Drive. Two Oaks overhanging the garden of number 22 Barley Drive. Cut back by 2m. Raise Canopy to match height at no20.

DM/21/2695: 16 Beacon Crescent. Loft conversion.

DM/21/2700: 197 Lower Church Road. Conversion of Shop into Studio Flat.


DM/21/2686: 22 The Highlands. T1 and T2 Pine - Fell.

East Grinstead

DM/21/1945: 52 Garden Wood Road. Retrospective application for the erection of a fence between 52 Garden Wood Road and Chapmans Lane (amended plan received 16/07/2021 including proposed planting).

DM/21/1976: 52 Farm Close. Maple (T1), 3 x Oaks (T2, T3, T4) and Ash (T5) remove close to ground level and treat stumps. Ash (TG1) reduced by 2m.

DM/21/2446: Pumphouse Farm, Holtye Road. Infill extension between two outbuildings east of Pumphouse Farm.

DM/21/2610: 6 Halsford Lane. Two storey side extension to existing dwelling including front porch and rear bay.

DM/21/2661: 18 Crescent Road. Single storey rear extension.

DM/21/2671: 45 Brook Close. Single storey rear extension.

DM/21/2677: 8 Tanyard Avenue. Conversion of the internal garage, construction of a 3m rear extension and rear dormer loft conversion.

DM/21/2680: 13 Morton Road. Demolition of existing conservatory and proposed single storey side and rear extension (wrap-around).

DM/21/2687: 16 De La Warr Road. Lean to on western wall of rear courtyard garden.

DM/21/2698: 4 Spruce Place. T1 Ash tree on rear boundary - reduce central stem 3-4 metres. G1 Hollies on rear boundary - reduce to 5-6 metres above fence line.


DM/21/2628: Land To The Rear Of Friars Oak, London Road. Reserved Matters Application for the approval of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale at land r/o Friars Oak pursuant to Outline Planning Permission DM/19/1897, comprising of a residential development of 130 dwellings and associated access together with change of use of part of the land to country open space, following the provision of a new pedestrian tunnel under the railway.

DM/21/2651: 17 Clayton Avenue. Construction of a single storey rear/flank extension to existing dwelling.

DM/21/2697: 3 Ewart Close. (T1 Yew) and (T2 Sycamore) Reduce canopy to both trees by 1.5m. Lift both canopies by 2m. Remove Ivy growth.

Haywards Heath

DM/21/2205: 92 Lewes Road. Roof windows to rear roof slope (Adress amended to 92 Lewes Road).

DM/21/2624: Trefusis, 17 Bolnore Road. Installation of an aluminium flat-top close-boarded gate finished in black which will be 2.1 metres tall and made to suit a 3.3 metre wide gateway. Works to include removal of existing wooden gate and posts which have partly perished. Installation of a matching pedestrian gate to same height.

DM/21/2644: Land Adjacent 1-5 The Birches, Southdowns Park. Oak Tree (T1059) - Reduce the growth on the southern side of the tree by 3m to balance. Oak (T1062) - Reduce crown to approx. 10m just below the lowest major limb (pollard).

DM/21/2674: Colwell House, 108 Lewes Road. Internal alterations and refurbishment to the first floor. The proposal is to create a plan that allows for 6 bedrooms, 4 of which will have an ensuite, 1 family bathroom and a linen closet.

DM/21/2679: Lloyds Bank, 31 - 33 Perrymount Road. Conversion of the building to 38 residential units under permitted development as allowed for by Schedule 2 Part 3 Class O of the Town and Country Planning Order 2016.

DM/21/2681: Central House, 25 - 27 Perrymount Road. Prior approval for change of use from Office(B1) to 48 flats(C3) (44no. 1 bedroom and 4no. 2 bedroom), A resubmission of approved application reference DM/21/1819 with minor variation to the proposed parking.

DM/21/2693: Trefusis, 17 Bolnore Road. Removal of existing shallow pitched roof, and creation of new first floor home office space. Creation of pitched roof in a vernacular style, to include two forward facing dormer windows.

Horsted Keynes

DM/21/2655: Ashburn, The Green. (T1) Silver Birch - Fell. (T2) Cherry - Crown lift up to 2 metres and crown thin by 20%.


DM/21/2386: 27 West Common. Proposed construction of new oak framed garage with home office.

DM/21/2553: Truffles Bakery, 32 High Street. Non illuminated canopy blind with company logo.

DM/21/2642: Tinkers, 133 High Street. T1 Yew - reduce back from house by 1-1.5 m keeping shape and removing deadwood, T2 Reduce back mixed hedge(of Laurel, Photinia and Hazel) at side of house by 1-2 m, T3 Hazel - crown lift over path and cut back from garden by 2m. T4 - Blue Spruce - cut back lower limb by 2 m. T5 - Cut back hedgerow around corner. adj to Silver Birch by 1 m and remove 3 lower branches from Maple and reduce crown (garden side) by 1m. T6 Oak (by veg patch) reduce by removing epicormics by up to 2m. T7 Yew -reduce by removing lower limb and trimming back by up to 2m.

Lindfield Rural

DM/21/2388: 7 Costells Edge, Scaynes Hill. T1 Oak - Oak tree crown reduced by 2.5m. Due to excessive shading.

DM/21/2578: 8 Bedales, Lewes Road, Haywards Heath. Detached two-storey annex to form garage and ancillary accommodation in lieu of proposal approved under DM/20/1671.

Turners Hill

DM/21/2664: The Old Manse, North Street. T-0A2Z Ash - section fell down close to ground level as possible due to Ash dieback.

West Hoathly

DM/21/2069: Land East Of Whitestone House, Selsfield Road. Variation of condition no 2 of application DM/20/3498, to replace approved plans in respect of: setting back the house, changes to the fenestration, changes to the scale and position of the garage and the inclusion of an EV charging point. (Revised description agreed 20.07.2021).


DM/21/0644: Land West Of Copthorne, North Of The A264, East Of M23 And West Of Shipley Bridge Lane. Copthorne. Reserved Matters Planning Application for the approval of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for residential development on phases 3 and 4 pursuant to Outline Planning Permission 13/04127/OUTES (as amended), comprising 197 dwellings, internal access roads, public open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure works. (Amended plans recieved 21/07/2021 in relation to teh design and layout of the scheme).

DM/21/2298: Oakhurst, Cuttinglye Road, Crawley Down. Replacement of existing conservatory with single storey side extension.

DM/21/2597: Heatherlands, Felcot Road, Furnace Wood. Single storey rear extension, dormer loft conversion and installation of 5x velux windows and staircase to loft.

DM/21/2675: Twoways, Station Road, Crawley Down. Demolition of the existing detached bungalow and the erection of 3no. four bedroom detached house with associate garages.

DM/21/2713: Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth, Crabbet Park, Turners Hill Road, Turners Hill. Brickwork enclosure for a external pizza and barbeque kitchen on the front restaurant terrace.

DM/21/2718: 4 Spring Copse, Copthorne. T1 Lime- Crown reduce back to previous points leaving natural shape and remove epicormic growth.