Win for the Brexit Party sends out a loud and clear message

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Congratulations to the Brexit Party for winning in Mid Sussex.

The Party won four out of the ten seats available for the South East in the European Parliament, with a 36.1% share of the vote compared to 25.7% for the Lib Dems, who should also be congratulated for coming second. Nationally the difference between the Brexit Party and LibDems was even greater.

May I thank all the local parties for working so hard in an amicable way during this campaign.

This result now sends a loud and clear message from the people to those in the Conservative Party that the new Prime Minister must this time be a true Brexiteer.

The Government must now put back on the negotiating table leaving the European Union under WTO rules with no payment of £39 billion, and take off the table any talk of a second referendum.

MEPs from the Brexit Party, who are professional business men and women and not career politicians, must now be invited to join any renegotiating team.

Let’s now hope we will finally leave the EU on the 31st of October with a deal or with a managed WTO exit.

Tim Cooper

Cox Grove

Burgess Hill