Rail station sees the return of an old signal box clock

Hassocks Station signal box clock SUS-160531-120825001
Hassocks Station signal box clock SUS-160531-120825001

Celebrations have been held at Hassocks railway station after it won two national awards - and saw the return of an old signal box clock.

The station won second place in the Most Improved Station Building category of the Association of Community Rail Partnership awards, and was a finalist in the Station Excellence category of the national Rail Business awards.

The Hassocks signal box clock, bought for 25 shillings by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway in 1899, was presented to the station by Hassocks Amenity Association.

It had been donated by a Cuckfield resident who found it when clearing her late father’s home.

She recalled that it had been given to her father in the 1980s to repair, but as it needed new parts which he could not obtain, it had been stored in his attic. She now wished it to be returned to the station where it could be seen.

Hassocks Amenity Association had it restored by an expert watch maker and discussions are now underway about where and how to hang the timepiece within the new building. The clock is currently in a box awaiting a suitable place to display it.

Over the last few years Hassocks station has been completely rebuilt and had lifts installed, along with the installation of a locally run community cycle hire facility.

Station manager Rebecca Atherton was joined in a celebration ceremony by Hassocks Amenity Association Rail Group, members of local parish and district councils, Sussex Community Rail Partnership, and the Community Cycle Hub.

Group station manager Paul Wyborn said: “A lot has happened at Hassock station since I worked here in the nineties. Today it is a fantastic building fit for use by all passengers. A large part of the experience enjoyed by our customers today is due to the hard work and input of the local community for which we are very grateful.“