Residents’ anger over faulty lifts at block of flats

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Residents in a block of flats in Horsham town centre are up in arms after lifts to their homes have remained broken for months.

People living at The Forum say they have made a string of complaints and pleas for help to Residential Management Group which is responsible for maintenance of the lifts - but nothing has been done.

Some of the residents are elderly and disabled and have faced great difficulty in accessing their homes.

Lifts at one end of The Forum building - with access to a public car park - are operated by Horsham District Council which is currently replacing them after frequent breakdowns.

One angry Forum resident has complained several times to RMG and said in a letter to the firm this week: “How many times have we been promised repair of the lift service, a lift that we all know and nobody denies, is unfit for purpose?”

He said among those facing problems because of the faulty lifts was a young woman resident who suffered from multiple sclerosis who was confined to a wheelchair, and another was a woman who was blind.

He said the block near Horsham Library had now been without a lift service for three months.

A spokesperson for Residential Management Group said: “We are sorry that residents have been inconvenienced by the broken lift at the Forum.

“The works needed have been assessed, but unfortunately it has taken longer than anticipated to complete the works due to the parts required not being readily available.

“The parts have been ordered and we are awaiting delivery.

“Customers at the Forum have access to an alternative lift which provides access to all floors.

“We have stressed to our specialist lift contractor the urgency of completing the works, and we will continue to update residents on progress.”