Residents complain after overnight roadworks in Haywards Heath

  • Resurfacing work has been taking place in Oathall Road in Haywards Heath
  • Residents complained after the noise kept them awake at night
  • West Sussex County Council said the work would have caused ‘havoc’ if it was done during the day

‘Noisy’ nighttime roadworks would have caused ‘havoc’ if they were done during the day – according to West Sussex County Council.

Resurfacing works on Oathall Road in Haywards Heath finished this week, much to the delight of residents.

We thought it was going to stop but it just kept going

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett, who lives at the end of Heath Road, said: “The road works started quite late in the evening and just continued.

“There were loud steam rollers and trucks reversing with loud warning sounds.

“We thought it was really weird. We thought it was going to stop but it just kept going. We couldn’t sleep. It is extremely strange.”

One resident who lives on Heath Road, who didn’t want to be named, said she was ‘sleep deprived’ as a result of the ‘unacceptable’ noise from workers.

She said: “I live in Arbor Court on Heath Road and you can imagine my disbelief when I arrived home from work at 10.30pm last night [February 26] to find the junction lit up like a building site, with noise and trucks beeping, engines revving and generally a racket being made that went on right through the night, keeping me and my neighbours awake.

“Personally, I had to travel up to London today for work and have had a terrible day as the result of sleep deprivation caused by the noise of these works.

“Furthermore, causing people to be deprived of sleep due to noise disturbance is a health and safety issue.

“If a resident in the area made noise throughout the night, the police and council would rightfully be called and the culprit would be prosecuted.”

She added that the nighttime roadworks were ‘completely unacceptable’ and showed an ‘appalling contempt and disregard for the residents of the area’ who pay council tax and road tax.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

“Unfortunately these resurfacing works had to be done at night. There are a significant number of businesses on the street, which is a major road in Haywards Heath.

“If they had been done during the day it would cause havoc. On top of this there is a primary school off one of the roads that would have been affected.”