Royal legion launches new branch for LGBTQ veterans 19 years after ban

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The Royal British Legion has opened a new branch to include lesbians, gay men and bi members.

To mark the anniversary of the end of a government ban, the Legion is encouraging LGBTQ+ veterans, who are currently serving and civilians, many of whom have previously been stigmatised within the military to join a branch.

The new branch will recognise and remember the contribution of the LGBTQ+ community to the British Armed Forces, and raise awareness that the Legion services is accessible to a currently under-represented group.

Emma Miller-McCaffrey one of the founding members, said: “There are many people who historically have not been treated appropriately by the military, but that has now changed.

“I am proud to be married to my wife - a serving member of the Royal Navy, and I am proud of who I am as a gay woman.”

Branch members will receive news and updates, and will be encouraged to network with other members in their local areas.

To become a member please visit