Sir Nicholas Soames ‘heartened’ by exit polls

Sir Nicholas Soames has been MP for Mid Sussex since 1997
Sir Nicholas Soames has been MP for Mid Sussex since 1997

Conservative Mid Sussex candidate Sir Nicholas Soames says he is ‘heartened’ by the election polls as votes are counted for the General Election.

Votes are being counted in The Triangle, Burgess Hill to see who will serve the constituency for the next five years.

Speaking at the count, Sir Nicholas said: “It has been a long campaign, I’m extremely heartened by the exit polls. I think it shows the previous polls are terrible, none of us believed them, they always get it wrong.”

But the former defence minister is taking nothing for granted.

He continued: “We’re still to see how it works out. The Liberal party has taken a terrible hit, Labour are not doing as well as they thought. David Cameron sticking to his guns and focussing on the economy and stability is paying off.”

Sir Nicholas said he has ‘never seen so many people voting as they were today’.

He continued: “Burgess Hill has never seen so many people. It shows it’s an important election.

“People are very anxious, they’re families with children. I think the thought of a Labour government propped up by the SNP is scaring people.”