Sir Nicholas Soames helps launch campaign to save babies

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Sir Nicholas Soames, MP for Mid Sussex, has helped launch a campaign set up by a Lindfield mother’s charity.

Charity Group B Strep Support, run by Jane Plumb MBE, has launched the campaign ‘Why Guess… when you can test?’. It aims to make the ‘gold standard’ test for group B Strep bacteria available for pregnant women, within the NHS.

Group B Strep is the UK’s most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborns and is carried naturally by 20-30% of pregnant women.

Sir Nicholas, patron of the charity, said: “Making the ‘gold standard’ enriched culture medium (ECM) test available within the NHS would save lives. At present, when a health professional requests a test to detect GBS carriage in a pregnant woman, they are using a sub-standard test that will miss up to half of the woman carrying the bacteria at the time.”

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