Spring is in the air in Haywards Heath

Picture: Haywards Heath Town Council
Picture: Haywards Heath Town Council

Councillors and members of the community are pictured planting spring bulbs in Haywards Heath – ready for spring.

More than 16,000 spring bulbs are planted each year by grounds staff at the council to enhance the green corridors of the town.

Residents are also encouraged to join in the planting, to create a sense of ‘community pride’.

A spokesman for the council said: “We actively encourage our residents to join in the planting to create a sense of community pride as we receive so many lovely comments from visitors and residents alike on how beautiful Haywards Heath looks when in bloom.

“Our hardworking grounds staff are also responsible for 57 town council flower beds and an amazing 18,000 plants are hand planted each season by our dedicated staff, which makes a grand total of over 36,000 blooms in the town.

“All of the plants are supplied by Ford Open Prison as part of its Gardening and Horticulture Employee training and we thank them for their dedication in producing such beautiful bulbs of variety and colour to be enjoyed all year around.”