‘Suspicious’ listening device spotted on lamp post in Haywards Heath

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Residents were left confused and concerned after a listening device appeared on a lamp post in their road.

On Thursday morning (August 6) neighbours in Lowfield Road, Haywards Heath, saw a person drive a white van into their road then use a ladder to fix an odd looking device on a lamp post.

Geoffery Knight, who lives in the road, said one resident thought the behaviour very suspicious so reported it to the police, giving the van’s registration number.

Mr Knight said: “I must admit that at the time it looked like a listening device of some sorts.

“Later that afternoon SSE sent en engineer round, a neighbour spoke to him and he had not seen a thing like this. He took a photo and sent it off to head office.”

He said the next morning a van appeared again and removed the item.

Mr Knight said his neighbour went and spoke to the driver who said that it was a recording device but could not tell him who he was working for data protection reasons.

Sussex Police has confirmed the object was a listening device which was placed legally by a company which monitors noise levels.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “At 3.30pm on Thursday August 6 police were alerted to a woman having used a ladder to climb a lamp-post in Lowfield Road, Haywards Heath, in order to affix some sort of device to the top.

“Enquiries were made and it was found that the device, which featured a large microphone, had been legally placed there by a firm which monitors noise levels for 24 hour periods, often near commercial premises.

“The report to police was regarded as having been made with good intent.”