Tess’s Christmas gift - thanks to the Lions

Burgess Hill District Lions
Burgess Hill District Lions

A family’s Christmas wish has come true thanks to the Burgess Hill District Lions.

Lyndsay and Mark Pyle from Hurstpierpoint applied to the group for help towards the cost of buying an iPad and six apps for his two-year-old daughter Tess.

“Tess is our fourth child, and she completes our family of six,” they explained. “She is beautiful, funny and much loved.

“As she has Down Syndrome there are some areas in which her development is delayed – one of these areas is ‘Speech and Language’. One of her relative strengths is learning visually.

“The Down Syndrome Education International (DownsEd) have developed the ‘See and Learn’ programme to target the areas children with Down Syndrome typically need extra help with. I explained to the Lions that I would love to be able to use this resource to continue to help Tess reach her full potential.”

Mr and Mrs Pyle said the Lions understood the value of recording photos and videos of their activities as a family, ehich can provide a visual reminder for Tess of new things she has learnt, and be a motivation for communication.

“I have made many personalised homemade books for Tess, and having an iPad would make this easier,” they added.

“Just before Christmas, the Lions made our dream come true! Tess is now the proud owner of a new ipad, complete with the DownsEd ‘See and Learn’ programme.

“The fact that the Burgess Hill District Lions understand that Tess is a capable girl, and can learn very well given the chance, means such a lot to us. The Lions have supported us in supporting our daughter and for that we will always be grateful.”

Lion President Christine Coxshaw, only the second female President in 61 years since the club was formed, said: “The Burgess Hill District Lions enjoy everything about Christmas, when you are able to help such a lovely girl and see her smiling it makes all the hours we give fund raising so worthwhile.

“Santa is also busy in his grotto at South Downs Nurseries, Brighton Road, Hassocks until 12.30 Christmas Eve. As President may I on behalf of Burgess Hill District Lions wish you all A Very Happy Christmas and A Prosperous New Year.”