‘The coolest dad in Sussex’

David, Vivienne, Shannon and Jessica
David, Vivienne, Shannon and Jessica

WHEN David Linford told his daughters he was picking them up from school they thought no more about it but they had the surprise of their lives when he turned up piloting a helicopter.

Unbeknown to his daughters, Jessica, 13, and Shannon, 15, David, from Southway, Burgess Hill, had been learning to fly with Advance Helicopters LLP based at Shoreham Airfield. Once he was ready to go solo he sprang the surprise.

David’s wife Vivienne and head teacher Rose Hetherton were in on the act and at the end of the school day the girls were told to wait at reception and then go onto the school playing field at 3.15pm.

David said: “As I was approaching I circled round and my youngest daughter guessed it was me but I don’t think they could quite believe it! They were so excited.”

Rose Hetherton said: “It was wonderful to see their reactions of total disbelief and their excitement!”

After having the ride of their lives, Jessica and Shannon spread the word on Facebook and David was brimming with pride when he discovered he had been described as “The coolest dad in Sussex”.

David learned to fly at the right time – Shannon is in her final year at Downlands and can look forward to her “cool” dad flying her to the school prom.