Appalled at decision to close busy route for three months

The M23 has been closed
The M23 has been closed

As a regular user of the junction of Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane and Hanlye Lane I am appalled to see that permission has been granted to close this busy route for three months next summer.

Living between Ardingly and Lindfield, this is the simplest route to get to Staplefield, and alternatives mean a considerable and inconvenient detour.

Could someone advise me as to whom and where I apply for compensation for my wasted fuel?

A councillor makes reference is made being ‘unable to make an omelette without breaking eggs’. I would respectfully suggest that permission to make the omelette should never have been granted in the first place, particularly since, with regard to ‘climate change’, we are being told to plant millions more trees, when every property development that is approved, seems to involve chopping down hundreds of mature specimens that we already have.

Martin Collins

Ardingly Road