Burst water main in Burgess Hill

A '˜large' water main burst caused disruption in Burgess Hill yesterday leaving residents without water and flooding part of a road.

Sunday, 9th September 2018, 1:46 pm
Updated Sunday, 9th September 2018, 2:02 pm
Burst water main, Burgess Hill. Eddie Howland.
Burst water main, Burgess Hill. Eddie Howland.

South East Water confirmed a six-inch diameter pipe in London Road split around early evening, with works completed by midnight.

Mark Rice, Distribution Manager at South East Water, said: “Some local residents had no water or had low pressure while we altered the flow of water around our network and fixed the broken pipe.

“Three-way traffic lights were installed to keep motorists safe while emergency crews completed the complicated repair and will be lifted once we have finished repairing the road surface during the coming week.

Burst water main, Burgess Hill. Eddie Howland.

“Unfortunately leaks and bursts like this do happen on our high pressure network of underground pipes. It carries 517 million litres of water every day through 9,000 miles of mains and more than six million joints.

“Sometimes these pipes and joints fail, but we work around the clock to find and fix leaks and bursts.

“After a water pipe bursts, customers may find they have cloudy or discoloured water. This isn’t harmful and can be solved by running the cold kitchen tap slowly until the water runs clear.

“Customers can report a leak by calling our dedicated Leakline on 0333 000 0002 or by visiting our interactive map found at https://inyourarea.digdat.co.uk/southeastwater.”

Burst water main, Burgess Hill. Eddie Howland.