New homes will cause potential traffic nightmare

I write further to the letter from Conor Patterson in the 18/4/19 issue.

Sunday, 5th May 2019, 12:21 pm
Updated Sunday, 5th May 2019, 12:23 pm
Folders Meadow, a new housing estate off Folders Lane

I’ve actually lived on Folders Lane for over 30 years – our shared drive is nearly opposite the new entrance/exit road into Folders Grove.

In those years, we’ve seen the volume of traffic along the lane explode. This is due to the proliferation of housing developments, and the increase in car ownership, countrywide.

The Folders Grove development is a case in point – 72 homes served by a single road onto the lane. To cap this, there is an application for 43 more houses in an adjacent field which will make a total of 115 homes (probably 250+ extra cars) served by one access road. A potential nightmare for emergency vehicles.

The main area of deep concern is the speed of vehicles up/down the lane. There is sometimes a speed indicator working, near our shared drive and speeds of 60+mph have been observed (the limit is 30mph).

Perhaps if road humps (sleeping policemen) or chicanes (as in Ditchling) are not practical, a Portuguese type system could be installed. A traffic light some distance away (30 metres) is speed activated by a sensor. If a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit, the light turns red. Instant speed control. This could have the effect of preventing the almost certain RTA which will occur, when a third turning lane is installed to facilitate east bound vehicles turning right into Folders Grove.

Thus far, Jones Homes and MSDC and WSCC have ignored the concerns of residents.

Brian Bone

Folders Lane

Burgess Hill