Our mental health support is at a very low level with tragic fatalies on the railways

Ofsted’s damning report on West Sussex County Council receives no apology from Louise Goldsmith who now concentrates on what she’s going to do with the appointed Government Commissioner.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 9:10 pm

The 2016 report called for improvement so what exactly has happened in the past three years? Are the ‘nodding donkeys’ who supported her the ones who remained on the scrutiny committees? Four Conservative councillors called on her to resign backing the motion from Lib Dem leader Dr James Walsh.

Mental health support is at a very low level in West Sussex. In the past fortnight there was a fatality at Hassocks station and a woman was removed from the tracks at Haywards Heath. Every railway station has notices about phoning the Samaritans and station staff are asked to look out for possible cases and fencing often appears at the end of platforms.

Prior to this year there was no council tax increase for five years; is this the crux of the matter?

Fatalities on the railway are tragic for the individuals, their families and very unpleasant for railway staff and, of course, incredibly disruptive to the travelling public.

Philip Crossley