Where has all the money from speeding fines through Ansty gone?

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I am writing in case you are interested in the police response to my query.

On the 7th May I emailed data covering one week of speed information along the Bolney Road in Ansty, (where a lorry drove into a house two years ago). Here is an extract:

It is my understanding that any car caught driving at 51mph and over in a 30mph zone will be charged 1.5 times their weekly wage. Assuming all 1,646 drivers that did this over the sample week, the Sussex police force could have made £1,187,687.60. That is, in one week, on one tiny stretch of Bolney Road, (based on the average UK wage of £25,014).

Apparently the fines go to central government and not the police. If that is the case, why isn’t the pot in central government paying for a SID when instead all the villagers from Ansty and Staplefield have had to pay, (the council have contributed some money towards it). Where is the pot and who has a record of that money?

The reply from the police was that I should contact my local council for traffic calming measures and the fact that the law is being broken by 90 per cent of drivers was completely ignored.

Hermione Pask

Bolney Road