Transform your health with new macrobiotic diet course

Chefs from all over the world will be taking part in the course
Chefs from all over the world will be taking part in the course

It’s not often that we can say that Haywards Heath is the epicentre of an international trend, but how many Haywards Heath residents know that two renowned macrobiotic teachers and chefs are in their midst?

What’s more, they are about to teach an internationally-acclaimed course right under our noses.

David and Nicola McCarthy, formerly owners of Harmony Pharmacy, Lindfield, and Big Life Organics, on South Road, will be teaching an internationally-respected macrobiotic course from September 18 to 30, with the help of some equally prestigious chefs flown in from Japan, Austria and The Netherlands – where macrobiotics is a popular lifestyle choice.

“Students on the current stage of this course have all come to macrobiotics from different walks of life and for different reasons, but they all have in common the desire to transform their health and energy levels,” says Nicola, who has cooked for one or two macrobiotic celebrities herself.

“We are currently teaching 12 students and the next course in March is already filling up with people who are also prepared to fly from California to the UK to learn.

“Macrobiotics is internationally recognised but historically all the best courses tend to have been taught in the USA, so it’s really exciting and a huge privilege to be able to pass on this knowledge from here in the UK.”

Until now, macrobiotics has been the domain of celebrities, popularised by the likes of Madonna.

However, on the back of the recent ‘clean eating’ movement, macrobiotics is now enjoying a surge in popularity.

Don’t be put off by some of the unpronounceable ingredients; the macrobiotic way of food preparation is surprisingly easy and the good news is that all the ingredients are available at Big Life Organics through their online store

Bookings are already being taken for the next ‘Level 1’ course which starts in May next year.

What better way to overhaul your diet and lifestyle habits?

If macrobiotics is completely new to you, take a look at the short courses also offered at the Big Life Organics School –