‘Unworkable’ pension scheme sparks first 24-hour firefighter strike

The first strike will be held on June 12
The first strike will be held on June 12

The first 24-hour firefighter strike will be held next Thursday (June 12) in response to an ‘unworkable’ pension scheme.

There will be a second strike on June 21 whilst firefighters will not carry out any voluntary overtime, which is routinely needed by many fire and rescue services to maintain fire cover, or conduct training of strikebreakers between the beginning of the first strike and 9am on June 22.

Haywards Heath brigade chair and Fire Brigade Union member Mick Cambers said: “It’s an ongoing national thing to do with our pensions, and connected to recent cuts in which we get no overtime, amongst other things.

“There will be 240-300 striking in West Sussex, everyone’s involved, it’s a national issue.”

For the full story see next week’s Mid Sussex Times (June 12)