VIDEO: Early works underway for ‘superb new development’ in Burgess Hill

Major works have started to bring 325 new homes to Burgess Hill.

Glenbeigh Developments Ltd is working to ready a brownfield site for the new homes at the former sewage works site in Fairbridge Way, the district council said.

Councillor Andrew MacNaughton and Colin Whelan

Councillor Andrew MacNaughton and Colin Whelan

The site is to be transformed as part of the multi-million Northern Arc regeneration project to revitalise the town, which is part of the wider £1bn Burgess Hill Regeneration Programme.

Councillor Andrew MacNaughton, cabinet member for Housing and Planning at Mid Sussex District Council, said: “It is especially pleasing to see these early works get underway in what will eventually become a superb new development and a great addition to the transformation of Burgess Hill.

"And it is hugely satisfying to see that 30 per cent of the new homes will be affordable housing.

“Furthermore, Glenbeigh will be making substantial contributions towards sports provision, local community infrastructure, sustainable transport improvements and education, all of which will be realised off-site.”

Picture: Mid Sussex District Council

Picture: Mid Sussex District Council

The Fairbridge Way site was purchased from Southern Water by Glenbeigh to provide up to 325 of Burgess Hill’s proposed 5,000 new homes.

The development area was formerly used as sewage treatment works but it was decommissioned by Southern Water many years ago and has been redundant ever since.

Brownfield sites like this one require a ‘huge amount of work’ to bring them back into use, the council said. “Glenbeigh has committed to do everything that is required to prepare the site for new housing,” added a spokesman.

Colin Whelan, of Glenbeigh, said it was a ‘significant brownfield site being brought forward to Mid Sussex’.

“The necessity to deal with the site’s previous use and removal of part subterranean super structures will see a wholescale remodelling of the site area to deliver serviced and landscaped plots for house builders,” he added.

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