Artist from Haywards Heath designs dyslexia book cover

Artist Paul Milton Multimedia Artist First Book Cover Copyright 2015-(c) SUS-150914-152738001
Artist Paul Milton Multimedia Artist First Book Cover Copyright 2015-(c) SUS-150914-152738001

My name is Paul Milton - professional artist, writer and Mid Sussex Times columnist.

Earlier in the year I was commissioned to design the front cover for the British Dyslexia Association handbook. The design came about as they wanted something fresh, and different, a new look and approach for the dyslexia handbook and my approach to dyslexia.

The one thing I have noticed in my studies of dyslexia, and through my education is that a majority of educational books, and help book’s, don’t take into account how some dyslexic people can see writing better on certain coloured paper.

There is a lot of research and opinions out there as regards the topic and subject of coloured paper and vision some saying ‘it’s not true’ but all with their different theories. At the end of the day if it works for you and if that is what you need to read properly make the most of what is available.

One of the best trait’s us dyslexic people have is we are resourceful, and brilliant individuals, and usually highly intelligent but most of the time misunderstood.

When no one is there to support us we stand strong in the line of adversity and we fight and we find a way.”

I spoke to a colleague recently I was talking about are role’s in life and expectations and what we are given, I said ‘Why is it so wrong to want more, and to strive to want more from life’. He replied ‘Well that’s life that’s how it is.’ I replied ‘why should it ever be that way, who say we shouldn’t strive for more and be more than we are, why should we ever settle for normal every day average existence in a world of bland and beige? Why not dream of bright colour and the dream of something more fulfilling why should we ever settle for are roles we are given and the labels we are given even from the day we are born.’

I say tear off those labels, get rid of those classes, and break the mould and be proud to be deferent and unique and free.

With the design I wanted it to be bold, fresh, and different, and eye catching as far away from education based as I could possibly get. When I think of education based books I think of a certain range of books I used when I was younger all the same colour brown, and green, and oozed education.

I never ever finished reading any of them they just didn’t interest me, and gave me headaches because of the words I just couldn’t focus, to date I have never ever finished a book. I found books difficult and they certainly weren’t my best friend.

As with a majority of dyslexic people I myself found a way of adapting I tend to scan books looking for key words but when it comes to certain subjects which interest me I tend to hold onto that knowledge.

The book is for sale on the B.D.A British Dyslexia Association store on their website with all proceeds going to the British Dyslexia association.

If you would like me to design a book cover for you, or for any advice on dyslexia, or epilepsy, please contact me on e-mail: or please visit my websites, or

Picture contributed by Paul Milton.