BOLNEY WI: The Speaker for our April meeting was the Bee Man of Bolney, alias Martin Burgess.

From an interest which started in the seventies, Martin now has three hives and an annual supply of honey.

He gave us a fascinating insight into the life of and care of bees. He described the physical aspects of the three types of bees, Queen,worker and drone through to the role of each. He also told us of some of the hazards eg the problems which the bees can face in high winds which can blow them off course to the wrong hives.

The roles of each of the three bees are quite distinct: the drones have no stings and don’t do any work...they simply mate. the workers do all the work and they surprises there and the Queen is the only one to mate with many drones. For her entire life she contains sperm and fertilises eggs.

Martin brought a model of a hive and it was interesting to see that the Queen lives in isolated splendour in the bottom section!

This is a very brief recap of an interesting fact-filled talk and the lively question and answer session which followed showed how much it had been enjoyed.

Another local celeb will ‘follow that’ on Thursday, May 10th when Brenda Sands will tell us about ‘The Road to Cambodia’. There is a change of venue for this meeting.

It will be held in the Chapel, Top Street at 2.30pm. but you are still welcome to join us for a mere £2.50.